There's a statement in the business training that we put on that you want to get familiar with. We get everybody to buy into it, and understand what it really means. It's this: “Be the competitor you would hate to have as a competitor.” Be the best. Be unique.

For instance, in this current economic depression that we're in, with rollback and bankruptcy, I wonder why they would let an electronics company go down—and why they would work so hard to keep a bank and an insurance company afloat.

I know that's not funny for Circuit City, the comparison between electronics and banking. Really, there's no responsibility here at all, for anybody.

But when Circuit City goes down, they close all their stores. You know, that might be good for Best Buy. That might be good for the electronics department at Wal-Mart. That might be good for a number of outlets that sell electronic equipment. In fact, that would be good. Wouldn't it?

So you see, everything is interactive, and not everybody's hurting at the same rate and pace. For instance, Wal-Mart stock is doing well, thank you. Of course, the market in general is doing poorly. In other words, there is something that causes a company or an individual to be successful.

Find out what that is. If it requires changes and adaptations, then change and adapt—and you too will then find yourself being successful, while others are struggling, sizing back, and going out of business.

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