Change is ever-present in the cycles of life. The universe thrives on change and it is guaranteed to happen whether we welcome it or not. Without change there is no growth and without growth there is only death. Change is literally proof of life. If this is so, then why do we sometimes fight it, resist it, avoid it or fear it?

Perhaps it is because we are uncomfortable when we are confronted with a new challenge or opportunity that takes us outside of our comfort zone. Or, maybe we are lazy and accept things as they are, just because it is easier that way. Some of us may not know how to change or how to use the prospect of change to our advantage.

If your life is not where you want it to be, then you have to do things differently in order to get different results. We cannot change the outcomes in our life without changing how we manage our life. It’s a simple formula; to create change we start by changing how we create. We are creating our outcomes with every choice we make. If we are not where we want to be, then our choices must change and we must do things differently.

If you want to learn how you feel about change, observe your beliefs; look around you and notice where your life may feel stagnant or stuck. Listen to your thoughts when you have to make a decision about doing something that is new to you. Do you resist? Are you hesitant or afraid? If so, why? Perhaps there is a long forgotten belief holding you back.

You don’t need to start big to change your life. You can start small. If you are one who likes to feel safe within your comfort zone, you don’t have to break down your safety net all at once. Gently stretch it by making small but important changes that when combined together they will make a significant difference in your life. Do you believe you can make major life changes with one new thought, choice or action at a time? You can! What if some of the changes presented to you in your life were important opportunities?

If you feel that that changing your life is too hard, or it will take too much effort, just consider the consequences you create every time you don’t make a necessary change. Remember, without change there is no growth and without growth there is only death. So, be a participant in the natural rhythms of the universe and grow spiritually, intellectually and any other way that brings positive change into your life.

One of our greatest gifts is our ability to change our life in a positive way. See within and around you how change can be a good thing. Embrace it and co-create exciting new opportunities through the process of change. Learn and grow with change and increase the size of your comfort zone. Change is proof of life.

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Paula is an inspirational writer and a co-author in the book "Living In Clarity" part of the best selling book series, "Wake Up Live the Life You Love". She desires to help people in personal growth and to realize they are masterful creators. Paula is currently working on her second book about creating community versus competition in the workplace.