The Institute of Biostimulation offers a multitude of Angelically guided therapies to transform your life. Helene Fallateuf has been chosen to help prepare humanity for the personal and world transformation which many feel is coming to us as the year 2012 approaches. She has received 18 months of daily initiation directly from higher source. She has been reconnected to her Spiritual family.
We are entering into a new era, the Unification Cosmic Era. As the world consciousness rises in awareness and vibration, we must do all that we can on a personal level to join in this transformation.
Although science currently sees human DNA as a 2 strand double helix there are 12 strands that exist within our multidimensional structure. The processes which Helene offers utilize Spectra-light, Biosound, Sacred Geometry, Sacred Meditation, forgiveness, Emotional Freedom and Divine energy according to the individual needs of the client. Her work is guided by the Angels in personalized individual sessions designed to remove energy blockages and effectively allow the activation of all 12 DNA strands.
These sessions clear and raise one’s vibrational levels and restore our intimate connection to the Divine. This process allows for transformation to occur across the entire spectrum of one’s life and health.
To schedule your first session and begin your own transformative process (One on one and Quantum sessions) please contact:
Helene at

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Author's Bio: 

• Certified in Light Therapy & Chromotherapy J. Bien & Dr. J-J Quenet (France)
• Certified in Reconnective Healing (The Reconnection TM) by Dr. Eric Pearl
Qigong Healing I- II- III Jeff Primack
• Introduced Light Therapy at the 74th Annual Conference on Light and Vision at College of Syntonic Optometry (May 2006)
• Introduced the light therapy at the Louise Hayes convention in Las Vegas (May 2007)
• Introduced light & sound therapy in Vegas (July 26-29) at the annual naturopath medicine association (July 2007)
Attended & presented the Light Therapy at the FSOMA convention (September 8-10 2007)
And also at Louise Hayes Convention in Tampa (October 2007) to present Light & Sound Healing
Fall 2008 FSOMA Conference
The Louise Hayes 2008, Tampa

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