Changing Lives through Coaching

It was a Friday night and my phone rang at 10:00 pm. On the other end of the phone was a stranger to me in person, but a familiarity in emotion. Stephanie had gotten my phone number from my website and was desperate to get some help. She asked for me and it was I who answered the phone, she continued to ramble on about a panic attack that she was having.

Within two minutes I had calmed Stephanie down and coached her into relaxation. She had debilitating anxiety that limited her very existence. After speaking with her for an hour that night on the phone she signed up for coaching. Stephanie was an intelligent woman who had just came out of a bad divorce that had ripped her of her security and self esteem, she began to have panic attacks that paralyzed her and the never ending “What If” thinking. She had to quit her job that she had been at for over 10 years due to the anxiety ruling her life.

Stephanie had been through therapy with no positive outcome, so she was desperate on this Friday night to seek an alternative. I created a program for her and we worked at it through email as this was the best way for her. Within 47 days, Stephanie was feeling confident, secure with herself and back to work at her job that she left. Never did Stephanie believe that she could get through this truly devastating time in her life, but with coaching it moved her forward and did not concentrate on the past. Through coaching, her life changed 100%.

Coaching can be life transforming if the client is ready for it. Often times in coaching there can be resistance as change can be uncomfortable but once we move past the fear, the transforming begins. One step at a time the client moves closer and closer to their goals.

Being a Life Coach who truly cares about people and has experienced bouts of anxiety in the past, I understand completely where the client is coming from; therefore, there is an instant comfort and trust. Coaching can really change lives. Read about Jim who felt he had lost everything.

Jim was a 42 year old man who had an executive job at a big firm. He was married and had 2 children, one still in diapers. One of his colleagues was soaring for his job and he knew it. What Jim did not know was how bad this person wanted his position and to what lengths he would go to get it. Jim had talked with his boos about it and was assured he had nothing to do with it. What happened next changed Jim’s life in an instant.

It was a Wednesday morning and Jim had a big meeting at 9:15 with the board of directors. It was an ordinary meeting until the end. They had announced that Jim was being let go and the man that had been vying for his position was his replacement, he was given no explanation and was told to clear his desk.

A month went by since his departure from this highly respected firm and Jim had fallen a victim to negative thinking. With his two children ages 3 and 8 months and his wife who was a stay at home mom, he had felt like a failure, his savings was depleting rapidly and he was now in a complete funk. He had spent hours on the internet looking for some way to help him when he found my site: and he sent me an email. I assured Jim that he was taking the right steps and he decided to give coaching a try.

At first we worked on releasing much anger that he had stored up from his termination and letting go of the WHY. This was the start of it all for Jim. His Self esteem had to be restored and rejuvenated and through assignments and gaining clarity, it started to shine. Jim’s pride, confidence and belief in himself had been shattered and I knew it would take some time to regain all of that.

Six months from the day he was terminated from his prior position, Jim had started his own firm. He was excited, nervous but he had regained his confidence and moved forward. He hired his old boss, who had gotten fired shortly after him and they were on their way to fast success. Had Jim not sought out coaching, he may be still in a rut or maybe in a position that he may not like. Coaching changed his life and he is now living the career life that he had only dreamed of and the family life that he always desired.

Jim and Stephanie were committed to the coaching process and that is a key element for success. Anyone and everyone can benefit from a coach. Your own personal coach takes a special interest in you. Coaching is about you! Coaching changes lives and it can change yours.

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Coaching can change your life! Coaching can help you move forward and gain clarity and allow you to live your dreams.

Kristen L. Baker

Certified Master Life Coach

Certified Spiritual Coach

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Kristen L. Baker, A wife, mother of 2, business owner, life coach and published author.