From a channelling by my Spirit Guide.

In understanding the role that consciousness plays in our lives here
on earth, and the struggle we have trying to find ourselves, I give
you the story that my guide gave me in written in my words…and of
course it will never be as good as he gives to me. One day I might
tape them…it would be so much better. Hope you get the gist of what
I am trying to interpret.

Let's pretend that you are a body of water, connected to all of the
water in the world…what one drop knows the rest knows as that is the
property of water.

Let's say you are a lake, still, deep, calm, and beautiful. You are
rained on, you give up steam in the heat, you flow into the rivers
and rivers flow into you. You mix your essence over and over again
with all of the waters of the world, giving of your experiences and
receiving of theirs. You are part of the ONE in your environment.
An no matter what happens, you can always return to yourself.

You are able to quench those who thirst, and to refresh those who
are tired, simply because it is you and you are part of the ONE,
you are able to do so..

When it comes time to have another experience, you decide that the
Earth plane might be fun and challenging. So, everything gets
arranged, you are excited and gung-ho about it all. You listen to
the advice that is given you; you pay attention to those who have
been to earth before. You might even think you can do a better job
of it. They know this and just smile and walk away. They learnt
their lesson being here, now it's your turn.

Maybe you're an old hand at this and decide it is time to take on a
much bigger challenge. Whatever you decide, and where ever you are
on your path, you are told wisely that all you have to do is t
remember that we, the spirits, will be watching and waiting for you
to hear us. We will be making contact at all times, you will never
be alone. All you have to do is remember that the biggest part of
you is still here, is still in constant communication with the All,
and so with us. Did you listen? WELL

You can't bring all of you here, so you bring to this plane, a drop
of yourself-- an essence of the whole. It is your lifeline to back
home…it is your pipeline.


You're here. Nothing seems to be going well. God doesn't seem to be
listening to you. You have shouted at him, begged him, cried to
him, and even prayed to him….and NADA.


Is there a God? Is there life after death? Where do we go when we
die? Why do so many people have sorry lives? Why is my life so
messed up?

Eventually you stop asking, and start looking. ………

And "Bingo!", you have gotten your little plumber out of hiding, and
now he can start to work on unplugging that pipe that has been
connecting you to your higher self all of this time. That's the
plan…so what can go wrong?

When you start looking for yourself, you are asking to be connected

Therefore you have forgotten that you already are!.

If you have forgotten; then that little drop of essence, your
current consciousness has forgotten.

Imagine what is going on in that part of you that has been living
with you in this life for all of these years. It has always been
there for you, taking you to all the places you have been, dictating
to you how you should act, speak, see, etc.

Now you that drop of essence, wants to find your HIGHER SELF.

Equation…we get conflict. Conflict because we are looking for what
is already there, conflict because we know there is something else,
but we don't know what, and conflict because we are saying to our
that little part of us, ii is not enough.

Conflict generates great fear. Fear comes from what we do not know
and do not understand.

Fear will always stand in our way. Fear will always react with a
variety of expressions: violence, doubt, derision, and the ultimate
one, anger.

If we is push too far and are unable to cope with the fear, our
little essence, our current consciousness will withdraw.

We will generate within ourselves what we currently call
schizophrenia, a splitting off of itself; a splintering of the soul.

The answer is so simple it is mind boggling. LOVE. Love
yourself. Love all of yourself. Love the parts you consider ugly,
nasty, and horrible. Love the feelings that you don't want others
to see. Love the habits that you keep under wraps. Love the
addictions and the compulsive behaviour. In fact, love all that you
are, and make your self feel safe and comforted.

When we love just who we are then the connection can and will be
allowed to grow. With growth comes understanding. With
understanding comes the letting go and the trusting of yourself.
With the trusting of yourself comes the divine love that shares and
experiences all that is. In doing so, you are teaching that little
part of you how very important it truly is. You teach it that it is
not separate, but a part of the whole.

Final foot note: While here on the earth plane, it is absolutely
impossible to bring all yourself into your physical body. Yet by
being connected to all that you are, no matter what the strength of
that connection, you are experiencing the divine source. No matter
how dim a light, it is still a light.

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