**The Law of Attraction says that like is attracted unto itself and that we are all Source energy. Channeling is the Law of Attraction in action. Spirit in motion. The consciousness you are choosing to align yourself with vibrationally is attracted to that desire: as you are attracted to us, we are attracted to you. And when we are in communion… oh how holy is that space… – Astara

We use one of the most powerful tools in the universe in order to channel non-physical consciousness. It is the same tool we use to in order to channel anything into our lives: money, health, well-being….. anything our hearts desire :-) This tool is called the Law of Attraction.

If we are able to understand just the basics of the Law of Attraction we can utilize its essence to remember how to channel.

Like Attracts Like

what do you like? What is your desire? A powerful desire is infused not only with wanting, but also with receiving.

The LoA works with the principle that like is attracted unto itself. When we are in alignment with what we like, what we desire, and what ultimately feels good, we begin to harness the power of the Law of Attraction.

Think about why you want to channel. Isn’t it ultimately because you want to achieve a certain experiential feeling place for yourself, a higher level of consciousness?

This very wanting is the essence of attraction and when we are opening ourselves up to channel we can be assured by the principle of ‘like attracts like’ that what we are attracted to is also attracted to us.

**As you see yourself surrounded by all the things your heart desires, and as you generate the feeling of having it now, you are in the process of amplifying the magnetic quality of your vibration. You are saying to the Universe that you want to experience more of the same. And through the voice of your desire, the Universe resonates with your song. And as you feel the answer, which is always “thy will be done,” you allow yourself to respond with gratitude and you are now in alignment with that which you desire. – Astara

Alignment is a word we hear often when working with the LoA. We are taught that in order for our manifestations to flow effortlessly through us, we must allow them to come through. Alignment is the art of allowing.

To be in alignment with that which you desire means to be in a state of reaching for a thought that feels like that which is desired. It is in this choosing to create a matching feeling thought that access to conscious creation is achieved. - Astara

Intuitive Exercise

**Draw a circle on a piece of paper. This circle represents your personal orbit. The inside of your orbit represents that which you are attracted to, which for the purposes of this exercise is communion with your guide. It is important for you to be specific about the type of guide you want to commune with and for what purpose. Breathe deeply and slowly and close your eyes.

Infuse each breath with your awareness and allow your whole body to completely relax. Feel yourself becoming more present with each breath; feel yourself aligning with Source.

When you are in a state of pure awareness and relaxation mentally say, “I align myself with my highest teacher and guide for the purpose of ___________” and fill in whatever matches the feeling place of your desire. Spend as much time as you need in this feeling place before completing the affirmation.

When you are satisfied with your affirmation, open your eyes and say it aloud, knowing that as you desire it, so shall it be.

Write your affirmation in the center of your circle.

The outside of your circle represents that which is attracted to you and which will manifest through you.

Close your eyes and return again to breathing consciously and relaxing fully into the moment. Imagine that you are with your guide and you are both sitting together in a beautiful room. Take a moment to absorb your surroundings and the presence of your guide. What does it feel like? Spend as much time in this feeling place as you want to, all the while allowing it to describe its essence to you through your emotions. Know that as you generate the feeling of having that experience now, so shall it be; it is manifesting right now.

When you feel ready, write down as many words as you feel you need in order to describe the feeling place you created with your guide on the outside of your orbit. These are the things that are attracted to you. This is our channel to you. - Astara

Author's Bio: 

Shireen Freeman is a Reiki and Etheric Crystal Energy Master who channels an entity of non-physical consciousness named **Astara. She offers Channel Empowerments with Astara and etheric crystal energy in the form of a seven day distance course and attunement. For more information pls visit, www.shireenfreeman.wordpress.com