I have found many individuals don’t charge for the use of their gifts and abilities in the psychic norm. This brought back memories, thinking back to another time when I thought it was wrong to charge for my gifts, because they were God given. I gave my gifts away freely, sometimes just asking for a contribution or donation. Most of the time it was free, because I had another source of income or would just do without. This was before my life was changed forever.

Over the years as I began to charge fees, I found I became more and more in demand. When I gave it away free, individuals expected even more demanding it, and were not appreciative of my services being given free. They took my gifts, myself for granted and became downright mean or abusive. My work was taken by others as well as the credit for it. I went nowhere. As far as donation or contributions people felt if it was free, that meant I really didn’t need the money. My opinion began to change over the years seeing that it is not wrong to charge fees. Others such as doctors, lawyers, actors, entertainers, many others had God given gifts as well and were set up in a business state to make money.

You cannot convince individuals to charge fees for their services. They must come to their own realization and terms at the right time in their life.

I truly feel it is wonderful if an individual can survive today and not accept some sort of payment for their services. I wish it were true that we were all rich and could easily afford to just give our services away for free to everyone, but that is not the reality. If you are to live, survive and actually earn money to support yourself and your family as well as pay the bills, you have to look upon your services and gifts as a business.

What I have found for myself it took a great deal of thought and praying to come to the path I am on today. It was hard for me to accept fees, but I was given insights, visions and information that helped me. I hope to pass this on now to you.

The approach I took many years back was to charge fees based on my years of experience, qualifications, expertise and many other factors. I established three different programs in my business. One program was flat fees, what I charge normally, another one was scaled fees based on individual’s income/household income and the last was to over no refunds. The no refund policy was established for one purpose only. This was proceeds off the time that were taken out immediately and given to food shelters, homeless shelters, animal shelters and various specified charities. The remainder portion was then divided up to pay the business bills and my support.

I have found that this has lead to many more blessings in my life, because even if it were hard for me to accept money, I was being used and taken for granted becoming very resentful. I was shown this path through God that it is not wrong to earn a living with what I have, but to do so that helps others and shares what I can give with others.

To this day, I have found these insights and visions guiding me on my path has helped me become a teacher yet a student still learning sharing this information with others.

It is not bad to earn a living from the use of your gifts and abilities if you are using them to make a difference and giving back in some way in return to others around you. This is what I wish to leave behind in my legacy when I pass on to my Father, is the Circle of Light in the Magnificent Obsession. The Circle of Light in the Magnificent Obsession is touching others lives in a positive manner and they in turn touch others lives in a positive manner forming the Circle of Light in The Magnificent Obsession.

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Rose Ann Schwab is a genuine world renowned clairvoyant psychic medium and professional business consultant. She has Nostradomus like prophecies, Jean Dixon, andlike Edgar Cayce gifts. Rose's website Secrets to Future Success is at http://www.secretstofuturesucess.com, If you wish a priviate session with Rose who has over 50 years experience and many fields of expertise, you can find her at http://www.worldrenownedclairvoyantpsychicmediumroseschwab.com or go to Rose's syndicated Quesntions and Answer advice column at http://www.roseschwab.com