"Inaction, contrary to its reputation for being a refuge, is neither safe nor comfortable." Madeleine Kunin

"Trust life, and it will teach you, in joy and sorrow, all you need to know." James Baldwin

"This isn't the end of the story. It's just a twist in the plot." Victoria Moran

I have met many people who seem to live wonderful almost charmed lives. My mother is one of these people. As you get to know her you would think that most of the time her life is easy and blessed. You would never know that she lost her mother to cancer when she was in high school, her oldest daughter at 3 years of age to a heart defect and 7 years ago her husband died of a stroke.

Other people I know have lives full of trouble. They are always experiencing one crisis or another. What is the difference? What I have seen is that people like my mom understand that life sends us troubles occasionally but they choose to focus, not on problems but on what is going well. They look for the best in everything. They take any action they can to end the trouble and accept what is beyond their control. They always believe that things will get better. In contrast those who seem to marinate in trouble focus on it with helpless horror. They talk endlessly about it and do little or nothing to change it. They worry that trouble will constantly plague their life and usually that is exactly what happens.

As our country faces crisis it is easy to focus on problems, problems, problems but each of us has a choice... Perpetuate the trouble or look for opportunities. Focus on crisis or notice the good things in our lives. Stand frozen in fear or take needed action. What is your choice?

Coaching Questions;

1. What will you do today to improve your life?

2. What is going right for you?

3. How will you write the next chapter of your life?

4. What are 10 things you are grateful for today?

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