My predictions of the future, based on a combination of Astrology, New Age ideas,and Bible Prophecy.

(1) An evil alliance is forming, of Russia-Red China-Iraq. This will result in World War 3 in August 2007.

(2) Russia's present leader will seem to be a miracle-worker, he will negotiate a Middle East Peace settlement in 2001. The world will praise the achievements of Russia's President, but he is actually evil and is leading the world to Armageddon in 2007.

(3) Hope for the world will come from the Southern Hemsphere, from Australia, New Zealand, and South America, by 2007. The 1987 Southern Hemisphere supernova is brightening again to visibility, and will be like a new Star of Bethlehem for the world in 2007.

(4) Following World War 3 in 2007, there will be a thousand years of peace and prosperity, but World War 4 occurs in 3007.

(5) In 2001: world crisis in July 2001, and Dec. 2001 will be a transforming week for the world.

(6) Four diseases will cause terrible epidemics around the world through 2007: AIDS, Ebola, Influenza, BSE Mad Cow Disease.

(7) The earth will be hit by increasingly worse earthquakes and volcanoes over the next 7 years. Also economic chaos around the world during the next 7 years, and a piece of a comet may hit earth during the next 7 years, causing worldwide disaster.

Author's Bio: 

T. Chase, who lives in the USA, has a web site "Revelation 13: Astrology for the New Age, Prophecies of the Future" at: