Moving house is an expensive, not to mention stressful, business. Not only are you paying a mortgage, estate agents fees and stamp duty but you also need to pay for conveyancing.

We can shop online, order online and now we can do our conveyancing online. By doing this often complicated process over the internet; you can aim to save some money. A cheaper fee can be agreed up front, sometimes even half the cost of a local solicitor.

However, it has its draw backs. Being able to visit and build a relationship with your local solicitor can be invaluable. Having someone to speak face to face to about any snags is also very reassuring. Call centres and untrained individuals who refuse to explain the jargon to you can be found with online services. There are other problems to consider. If the coveyancing firm you have chosen is not based in your area they may charge you for unnecessary searches, something a local solicitor would not undertake. The process may also take longer then usual as everything has to go through the post. Many are also convinced that online conveyancing is really not that much cheaper than going through a local solicitor. Although the saving is still small in the context of buying a house, a saving is still a saving and sometimes very welcome.

Not all online services will cause you problems. If you do your research you are sure to find a reputable and efficient company. Most online conveyancing companies will record every step of the purchase online, allowing you to follow the progress of your file from searches to payments being received. You can check the progress at any time by a checklist that is updated every day. This can be very reassuring, allowing you to see that things are actually being done.

Your conveyancer (local or online) will spend a good deal of time on your file and will give you independent advice, rather than the spiel the estate agents know you want to hear. It is usually advisable to go with a company that is recommended to you by a friend or someone who has experienced the service themselves. Reading reviews of the companies online can help you make an educative decision.

However, some home buyers are going to more extreme lengths by doing their conveyancing themselves. Books are available to buy, taking you through the complicated process step by step. You need to be reasonably bright and have the time to go through all the paperwork in order to complete this successfully. It seems that most are not keen to take on the extra workload.

There are several options for home buyers when contemplating their coveyancing. The best advice to give is to do your research and use a reputable company and hopefully your home purchase should go through without a hitch.

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