As we are breathing through the lungs, gases are exchange between the body and the outside world. During inhalation, the lungs are filled with air. There are oxygen in the air which the body cells needed for cell respiration. In order to get the maximum volume of oxygen into our lungs, we must use an effective breathing method such as Chi Kung.

In the Chinese language, generally speaking, chi is a form of gas. For example, air is a gas and so is oxygen. Therefore, breathing air into the lungs and oxygen circulating in the blood were considered chi flow in the body . However, chi flow in the body is really an outstanding performance of the heart. If we know more about the heart, we will be more appreciative about learning Chi Kung.

The heart is the only interface between the lungs and rest of the body. Its function is to circulate blood into the lungs to obtain oxygen and rid of carbon dioxide. The heart is made of cardiac muscle cells. In order for the heart to pump blood continuously, the cardiac muscle cells require a large amount of energy constantly. The energy is in a chemical form called adenosine triphosphate(ATP). Mitochondria produces ATP, within the cells, by absorbing oxygen and complete the breakdown of glucose. However, there are thousands of mitochondria in a cardiac muscle cell; and cardiac muscle cell forms the bulk of the wall of the heart. Hence heart contraction requires a tremendous amount of energy which demands a high volume of oxygen consumption.

The heart is the first organ that uses the oxygen source from the lungs to generate the energy for cardiac muscle contraction; and then send the rest of the oxygen to the rest of the body. If the heart come to a cardiac arrest, all the oxygen will be cut off to the rest of the body. As a matter of fact, the cardiac muscle cells are incapable of mitosis. A heart attack is a portion of cardiac muscle dies because of lack of oxygen. Those cells cannot be replaced, and the heart will be less effective.

In order to keep the cardiac muscle cells alive and healthy, a constantly source of oxygen to be provided is a must. Regular breathing is only providing a source of oxygen. However, with Chi Kung, it can provide a high volume of oxygen but also achieved abdominal breathing. If abdominal breathing is turned into a regular breathing routine, then all the internal organs are massaged constantly. Especially, the lungs to be filled with air and the heart with blood are more efficiently. In result, as long as the lungs and the heart are in good operational condition for chi flow, the rest of the organs will do the best at their own as well.

Author's Bio: 

James S Lee have practiced Tai Chi and Qigong for more then thirty years. Since Qigong has a tremendous biological effect on his body. He was started to look into the scientific explanation about Qigong instead of fanatically accepting the ancient non-scientific concepts about Qigong. He have founded many answers in the modern science literature and would like to share it with those who are interested in Qigong.