My Child and the Internet

Thirty years ago, computer use was considered to be a luxury by most Americans. Today, 55 million children use a computer to use the Internet on a weekly basis. The computer Internet service has provided many of our schools and homes with a great tool to help our students improve their academic performance. The World Wide Web provides our children with instant access to information regarding current news events, historical facts, mathematical solutions, foreign language resources, spelling and grammar help and hundreds of other academic information all just a click away! What about Internet dangers that includes cyberbullies, online predators and sexually explicit materials? ScottCounseling provides parents with information that will help you keep your child safe while surfing the Internet.

Positive Child Internet Use

The Internet has not only provided business, research, communication and networking by adults around the world, it has allowed our children to improve that academic performance at an astounding rate. The following are just some of the advantages that the Internet provides our children:

• Information & Fact Finding
• Research
• Reading
• Problem-solving
• Communication
• Arts and Design
• Study Skills
• Problem Solving
• Critical Thinking Skills

These positive services provided by the Internet have allowed many of our students to become more independent and creative thinkers. This process promotes positive self-esteem and personal growth.

Online Internet Dangers

According to one national survey done by the NAC, 93% of parents report that they are aware of where and how their children use the Internet. Yet only 62% of middle school students and 42 of high school students stated that they tell their parents where and what they do on the Internet. The following are the most common concerns that parents need to become aware of when they allow their child to use the Internet.

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