“Live, Learn and Be Happy with Epilepsy”

Epilepsy affects millions of people worldwide, with More than two million people in the United States suffering from the disorder and 125,000 new cases each year in the United States alone.

“Live, Learn, and Be Happy with Epilepsy,” will be a 200-page book targeted for individuals who have epilepsy. Unlike other books on epilepsy, it will focus on The History of Epilepsy, Learning How to Cope with Your Epilepsy, What is Epilepsy?, The Brain and Epilepsy, When Your Child Develops Epilepsy, Types of Seizures, Epilepsy Medications and Treatments, How to Boost Your Self-Esteem, Getting on with your Life, Learning How to Love Yourself Again, Say Goodbye to Stress and Hello to Happiness, Our Dreams Are Our Future, Let Your Confidence Be Your Strength, Worried, Lost, Confused?, How Keeping Yourself in Good Health Can Help Your Epilepsy, Glossary for epilepsy, and a Resource Guide to organizations, websites and other helpful resources.

The techniques in “Live, Learn, and Be Happy with Epilepsy,” will help the reader build the inner power to do anything or become anything they want in life. My approaches for dealing with epilepsy will enable the reader to reform a better direction in their everyday life of living and dealing with their disorder.

Most important, this book shows the reader that they are not alone. There are people here that understand what they go through and support them. This program will help you build confidence in yourself. Once they establish self assurance, the reader will start to see their inner strength boost. When one quality improves, all their other attributes will enhance also. This book will give them the tools to learn how to incorporate epilepsy into their life so the reader can live with the disorder on a positive note. The reader can make life anything they want if they have positive goals to focus on and if they have a good understanding of how to approach them.

This book gives the reader the materials they need to gain encouragement and strength to overcome having epilepsy and being able to live life to its fullest. In this book, I want to be able to focus on certain topics related to epilepsy that not many have discussed. One of my main goals in this book is to help the reader recognize that life has much to offer. Life does not have to stop just because you have epilepsy.

As I mentioned earlier, in this book we will be discussing what people go through emotionally when they have epilepsy. We will be going over different ways to help the reader emotionally, physically and spiritually.

My aim in this book is to show readers how to live with epilepsy, empowering them to take responsibility for their life and well-being. Although, I acknowledge how other people with epilepsy feel living with epilepsy-there is a deeper level of human experience that is necessary in order to live with epilepsy.

Unlike other books on epilepsy, “Epilepsy and You,” does not focus on the same subject matter. Instead, it tries to motivate people with epilepsy, urging readers to create their own unique journal by employing psychological and spiritual practices in combination with a variety of more traditional diet and exercise regiments.

While seemingly revolutionary, my message is simple: It is important that people with epilepsy learn how to live with epilepsy and endure it. Everything you do and say affects the people around you.

Eventually if people with epilepsy do not learn how to deal with all these issues, they could end up really destroying themselves emotionally, physically and spiritually. One way to prevent this from happening is to develop a lifestyle that is suitable for your own needs. The reader needs to make sure that they create a lifestyle that is going to make them happy over time. They need to be their own designer, creating pathways to a fulfilling future. There is a whole world in front of you. This world has millions of opportunities just waiting for you to encounter. It does not matter what age you are. You can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Individuals of all ages suffer from epilepsy and seizures. People with epilepsy are not the only ones who suffer, family and friends suffer. How would you feel if you walked into the house to find the one you loved or felt close to on the floor with their eyes rolled back and their body shaking uncontrollably? It is something you do not want to experience.

These individuals are yearning to learn more about the disorder that is disrupting their life and they are unable to do it because most existing books on the market approach the subject from the physician’s point of view. There is little emphasis made on showing people with epilepsy that you can make changes in your life to live positively with epilepsy.

The Book will deal with the mind, body, and spirit connection. The book includes chapters on the role of motivation, self-esteem, and faith. In order to help readers reduce stress and learn how to incorporate epilepsy in their life so they can live with the disorder feeling good about them. I show how they can create their own “personal journal” that combines use of positive imagery, relaxation, meditation, and exercise.

The book will include my own personal experience growing up with epilepsy and how I overcame the disorder. The end of the book will include a section discussing how to keep you in good health emotionally, physically and spiritually.

I help readers learn that to keep their seizures under control, they cannot just take medicine. They need to keep themselves healthy by eating right, exercising, and sleeping properly. This chapter will introduce readers to techniques and exercises that will help you put the advice of the chapter into immediate practice. The last chapter of the book will include what medical technology has in store for people with epilepsy, discussing new medicines, treatments, and surgical procedures.

In addition, the book will include a glossary to help understand medical terms in the book that may be unfamiliar to the reader. Through example and encouragement, “Live, Learn, and Be Happy Living with Epilepsy,” will offer readers a variety of strategies for coping with epilepsy. “Live, Learn and Be Happy Living with Epilepsy,” will present readers with a workable program for coping with their disorder and forming a healthy relationship with their mind, body, and spirit enabling readers to overcome their disorder and get on with their lives.

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There is a whole world in front of us. This world has millions of opportunities just waiting for people such as myself to encounter. It does not matter what age you are. You can achieve anything you put your mind too.


I am an H.O.P.E. Mentor, for the Epilepsy Foundation. I have spoken at different events for schools, organizations, political events, I spoke in front of Congress in Washington and anywhere my help is needed to educate people about epilepsy. I was on four talk shows. The interviews focused on the importance of understanding what epilepsy is, how to help someone having a seizure and giving people with epilepsy encouragement and hope for the future.

I have been on radio stations discussing epilepsy and I have appeared in many newspapers all over New Jersey such as, The Leader, Belleville Post and the Star Ledger. In addition, on June 26, 2002, I was honored an award by the Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey for Outstanding Volunteer Award.

I have received awards in my achievements and certificates in recognition for outstanding efforts in trying to improve society. I have been an active participant in organizations and activities. I have been a role model to many individuals.

I have written many articles on epilepsy, such as How Exercise Can Help Your Seizures, Coping with Epilepsy, Can Women with Epilepsy Have Babies and Why Children Have Seizures. She has also written self-help articles, such as 10 Steps to Self-confidence, Seven Steps to Loving Yourself, 4 Steps to High Self-esteem and Greatest relief for stress: Take some time each day for yourself, Angel’s Helper and Coping with your Child’s Epilepsy.I have appeared three times on News 12 on the talk show New Jersey Women and has had articles written about her efforts to help people with epilepsy. I have contributed time in helping people with epilepsy and making society more aware of the disorder. I have had epilepsy for 27 years.

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http://www.authorsden.com/staceydchillemiYou can find my website with samples of my work.

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