One of my favorite movies, How to Make an American Quilt is a wonderful allegory about how our choices create our life. The narrator tells us at the end of the story that our good choices bring out the natural colors of the quilt, while our poor choices dull the colors. Making choices that enhance our life quality and are in integrity with our values can lead to a life like a beautiful tapestry or piece of art that shines with light and purity.

Choice making however, can be difficult when our life has pressured us into a corner, especially when our fears are amplified and overshadowing our intuition. Choices made from a calm, peaceful place bring us to the right places and people, while choices made from fear or under pressure, lead to disaster.

Rebazar Tarzs, a member of the order of the Varaigi Masters, says that, “The choices we makes at the end of a cycle, determine the path we will walk for a time in our next cycle.” Whether in business, or our personal lives, choices made from a place of honesty, integrity and love, build, while choices made out of revenge, haste, or fear can only lead to failure.

In my work as a life-coach and author, I often meet people who have a hard time knowing what they want. Because we have so often been told, don’t bother, that’s impossible, who are you kidding, we lose our sense of vision, drive and purpose. Dip your toe in the waters of exploring what you love before you attempt to try to know the big reason for your life. Go for walk near the water and listen to your heart. Read books that tune you in to the feeling of unity and calm so that you can explore in a calm way what you want to choose for the rest of your life.

Recently, I was driving along a road, on a snowy winter day. In the sky, only 20 feet or so above my car, I saw a bald eagle with an enormous wingspan. The implications of seeing this majestic bird have colored my life. He’s visited me several times since to tell me to lift myself above the cares and worries of my heart. Life is speaking to us in the animals who are messengers, in our dreams and in the voices of strangers who say a word or two that ignite us to action and understanding about why we are here and where we need to go to next.

Listen to the voice within and know that your path is a story you are creating.

Author's Bio: 

Darlene Montgomery’s work as a life-coach and author centers on directing others to their spiritual purpose. The focus of this work teaches the importance of developing a relationship with the spiritual force within us all. Darlene is a Spiritual Life Coach, who combines work with dreams, intuitive exploration, vision mapping and Educational Kinesiology to assist others in achieving their greatest life.