How do you feel about your life? Is it productive? Do you consistently reach the milestones you so vividly imagine in your mind’s eye? Do you have the commitment to continue working on your current goals or do you feel burned out and stagnated?

We Can Choose

The beauty of life is that no matter where we find ourselves at any given moment, we always have the choice to move in a different direction and re-position ourselves. By conducting a thorough examination of our past activities, readjusting our tactics and implementing the necessary changes to improve our results, we can reach the milestones of our life. It’s never too late to start over. But before we can successfully begin to move towards our destination of choice, we must build a self-awareness of our weaknesses—the lid on our success jar that stops our progress.

We all bring strength to the table of opportunity. Likewise, we all have weaknesses that, if not corrected, will diminish our ability to maximize and capture the opportunities of life. Successful people focus and use their strengths, and seek support to shore up their weaknesses. They surround themselves with people who help them overcome their weaknesses. This is a win-win partnership.

Your Defining Moment

A defining moment in your life is when you clearly recognize your weaknesses and take action to reduce their impact on your business and personal life. Find your own personal support group to help you bridge the gap between failure and success and you are well on your way. This idea has value no matter the situation. Capture the defining moment in your life by being big enough to admit where you need help. When you do, you will find many who are willing to support you. This decision can be the difference between reaching your destination or entirely missing your ride.

Ten Ideas To Turn Failure Into Success

There is a litany of ideas that one might share regarding success. Here is a list of ideas that I have personally found to be most productive and beneficial in my personal quest for success. I hope you find the same value in them.

(1) Start with a vision. Humans are blessed with the ability to think about and visualize future events. We use our imagination to see possibilities. The more clearly we can visualize events, the more probable we are to make them come to fruition. All success begins with a vision. Use the power of your mind to clearly see yourself achieving your visions. This practice develops the emotional side as well. Vivid imagery not only produces the “picture” of success but the feelings associated with it as well.

What visions do you carry in your mind? How vividly are you using your imagination to “see” yourself in possession of your dreams? Begin to use this unique gift in a positive way. Build a vision of what you want to be, have or do. That is the starting point for all successful activities.

(2) To win, you must expect to win. Once we imagine our future, we must wrap that vision with a belief system that encourages us to fulfill the vision. Those who struggle with life have lost their ability to believe things will ever be different. They focus more on the possibilities of failure than on the potential of success. They fail to realize the truth that every day offers another opportunity to change their circumstance. We must see and believe to achieve!

(3) We are surrounded by opportunity. When speaking to audiences about the opportunities life offers, I often equate it to a merry-go-round ride I experienced as a youngster. Next to the merry-go-round was a pole on which was attached a brass ring. As we circled on the ride, we could lean over and reach out to grab a brass ring. If we were successful, we received a free ride. In many ways, life is very similar to that merry-go-round ride. As we move through each day of our life (one round on the merry-go-round) opportunities (brass rings) are all around us. All we have to do is recognize them as brass rings and reach out to grab them. But like many of the children riding in my day, we fear reaching out to capture the brass ring. Low achievers are content to ride rather than undertaking the risk associated with reaching for the brass ring. To truly understand success, we must realize that capturing opportunity demands risk. Are you a risk taker or a safe rider?

(4) Like what you do or do something else. Low achievers usually don’t like to work or don’t like the work they are doing. It’s a no-brainer to understand that those who don’t want to work will never prosper. For those who work, it is critically important that their work be a joyful experience. Life is too short to work at a miserable job. Look for ways to make your work interesting or improve your skills to improve your job opportunities. The critical factor one must understand when searching for a career choice is to match skills and talents to the job requirements. The closer the match, the more enjoyable the work experience will be. Do you have an appreciation of the best skills in your skill and talent arsenal? Do you look for ways to use those skills in your current career? Do you know which careers would best fit your talents and skills?

(5) Your success depends on other people. No man is an island. We must interact with and receive the support of others. Build a network of friends in your industry, community, and the world. Identify those who can help advance your career and seek to build a strong relationship with them. Don’t let this relationship function as a one-way pipeline. Be willing to reciprocate help when possible. Remember it is only in giving that we receive. The more people you know, the more opportunity you have to find a resource in times of need. Hang around people who are successful and possess a sound value system. Get to know people of achievement. Listen to their words, watch their actions then apply what works for you. What kind of friends do you now have? What do you have to offer others that would make someone want to build a supportive relationship with you?

(6) If you don’t ask, you will rarely receive. I attended a conference at which noted author and business consultant, Dr. Tom Peters spoke. After his session, I stood in line to purchase his latest book. As I was waiting to get the book autographed, a thought crossed my mind. When I reached Peters, I told him that I would be willing to read his book if he would be kind enough to read mine. He promptly gave me his address and promised to do so. I didn’t know if he ever actually read my book. But, how many of you have sent your autographed book to Tom Peters? If you never ask, you will rarely receive. Are you asking?

(7) You become like your environment. Not satisfied where you are? Look around. The power of your environment will either be your albatross or your springboard to success. Start by thinking about and examining your friendships. Please understand that it is better to have no friends at all than just one of the wrong kind of friend. People born to poverty generally stay that way because they fail to change their environment or friends. What role has your environment and choice of friends played in your success or failure to achieve? Open your eyes and take a long, serious look. This is not the time to go blind!

(8) Your thinking is critical. Earl Nightingale in his classic audiotape, The Strangest Secret, said, “We become what we think about.” What do you spend most of your time thinking about—success or failure? Our thinking ultimately helps develop our beliefs. Our beliefs in turn control the way we act. Our actions produce the results we get from our efforts. Finally, it is our results that define whether we have succeeded or failed. So—what are you thinking about all day long?

(9) Become a perpetual learner. Successful persons understand that school is never out. Everyday, they seek new ideas to help them advance towards their dreams. They are hungry for information and feed on knowledge. Then they take the new knowledge and use it to enhance their actions and results. They read books, magazine articles, attend seminars, listen to CD’s while driving, view videos, and build relationships with successful people. They spend very little time watching television.

Try this idea to transform your career and life. Commit time to read one book a week for the next five years with a focus on career and self-improvement topics. Are you ready for such a growth effort? Are you willing to make such a choice?

(10) Everyone is entitled to success. Let me close by assuring you that you deserve to reach your dreams and experience success. No matter where you began your life’s journey, you can reach the destination of your choice. The first requirement is that you make the choice. Have you?

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Billy Arcement, MEd.,—The Leadership Strategist, is a professional speaker, author, facilitator and executive coach. He authored the book, Searching for Success and co-authored, Journeying on Holy Ground—Christian Strategies to Reach Your Personal, Professional and Spiritual Destiny. Learn more about his services at ww.SearchingForSuccess.comw. . ©2008