Many people have no idea how to accept a compliment with grace and ease. Those old self defeating thoughts are right there yammering away; “She’s crazy if she thinks that I did a great job. I messed up big time last week” or “If I agree, it will seem like I am conceited.”

Sometimes the negative self talk even doubts the sincerity of the person complimenting us; “What does he want? Why is he being so nice to me?”

Unfortunately, it is easy to believe criticism because that reinforces any core negative believes we may be holding. We may even seek negative comments by sabotaging or deliberately messing up situations where we could attain success and admiration.

People are starving for praise, encouragement and compliments. Ironically, we may be getting all the praise we need, but don’t hear it, because we have learned to filter out good news.

Just like a starving man looking in the window of a restaurant and assuming it is not meant for the likes of him, when all it would take is the opening of the door to find out the food is free and everyone is welcome. (may need a more clear metaphor to explain that it is sincere and well meaning.0

Praise, compliments and encouragement only makes us feel better when we accept it as a gift and trust that it was given in love and good wishes.

Learning to accept good words and thoughts from others will have a dramatic impact on the confidence and self image of the recipient. Thank the person who has complimented you by saying thank you or smiling and looking them in the eye to show that you have accepted their gift of encouraging words.

Author's Bio: 

Judy H. Wright lives and loves in beautiful Montana. She is the author of over 20 books dealing with human relations from birth to death. She is a respected personal historian and popular international speaker. She is known as "Auntie Artichoke, the story telling trainer." Please contact her for a fun filled staff or organizational training at or by calling 406.549.9813