Choosing a healthy lifestyle can be challenging and rewarding. Many of us want to create a healthier lifestyle because we want to lose weight or have more energy. But the reality is that the benefits carry over into other areas of our lives such as our job and relationships.

When we are healthy, we have more energy to devote to that dream job or business venture. Taking charge of our health empowers us and reminds us that we can take charge of many aspects of our lives. Along with this attitude comes a higher self confidence.

For many, staying in the “comfort zone” may seem more convenient than making healthy lifestyle changes. It is easy to get stuck in a job we dislike, to keep unhealthy eating patterns like fast-food, and unhappy relationships. For example, while stressed, many of us resort to “comfort foods.” These can make us feel good temporarily. But if your comfort food is also unhealthy or junk food – it may contribute to becoming stuck in an unhealthy cycle, both mentally and physically. Here’s why…

An unhealthy body can cause foggy head which leads to confusion, mental fatigue and even bad moods. Poor eating habits will sap energy leaving us feeling exhausted without enough energy to look for a new job or start that business venture. Toxic foods can cause us to feel depressed and out of control thinking we are stuck and cannot change other aspects of our lives.

On the other side of the coin is health. A healthy body and mind requires good nutrition. Nutrition will give you the building blocks to help your body create important brain chemicals that make you feel positive. Eating healthy will give you more energy to get physical. You can use this extra energy by focusing it on exercise.

Exercise helps build confidence and strength that carry over into other areas of our lives. Although difficult to start sometimes, almost everyone feels more energetic and healthy after exercise. It also helps your body to create endorphins which help you to feel happy. You can choose enjoyable exercise such as swimming or walking – as long as you get physical.

And don’t forget to cleanse. Cleansing your body of unhealthy buildup and in turn giving your body healthy foods will have a number of benefits including more energy, weight loss, and a positive attitude. After completing a cleanse, many also enjoy feelings of accomplishment. Cleansing can expedite your health goals by helping your body remove excess waste (possibly in the form of weight) while you eat a healthier diet. This will allow your body to replace old, sick cells with healthy, fresh cells made from the higher quality nutrition you are eating.

And lastly, all of the above lifestyle changes come easier when we have a support group. We can find support from our nutritional counselors, therapists, friends and possibly supportive family. Temporarily avoid those who may sabotage your efforts until you are strong enough to stick to your newfound changes. Find a forum or support group to join, invest in a gym membership or join a club with similar interests, such as a vegetarian cooking club.

Taking some of the above steps can help you on your path to a healthier and more positive lifestyle. Some more tips - keep reading to stay motivated, find success stories, and make new friends. Most importantly, keep it fun and interesting. Change comes slowly for most of us, so do a little each day to keep going forward. There is a reason why the saying “all things in moderation” is so popular – it’s good advice.

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Cindy is a Certified Nutritional Counselor, Certified Colon Therapist, Author, Publisher and Educator. She has worked with many professionals, including doctors, chiropractors and fitness trainers to teach about the importance of cleansing nutrition. To learn more, or contact Cindy, go to