When you are around clutter, you can just about feel it psychically. Clutter affects us in many ways. Feng Shui masters have spoken for years about the benefits of clearing clutter. An old feng shui tips speaks of never having anything under your bed, because at night it will run through your thoughts and keep you from sleeping at night!

Clutter can certainly be a great block when you are trying to manifest in your life. If you are trying to manifest a new job, relationship, physical change in your body or anything else -- begin first by clearing out the clutter. You will feel the sensation of clearing the clutter as an exciting and positive one. Even if you do not have experience with manifestation, this feeling of excitement is one that you will know on a deep and true level is leading you to your desires.

Know the Vacuum Law of Prosperity. There has been so much talk about the Law of Attraction, that some think this is the "only" spiritual law that exists. But there are many Universal laws that govern our life, just as our lives are governed by the laws of the country we live in. The Vacuum Law of Prosperity simply states that when we create a space by getting rid of the old: the new comes into our life. So if you get rid of old clothes that no longer fit you, you will easily find new clothes are manifested in your life.

Understand that clutter affects you deeply. Many people feel a mild depression or a let down feeling in a cluttered room. Don't you feel much better when a room is clean? Clutter afffects us on a physical and an emotional level. Clearing clutter will improve your life on many levels. If you are a true clutter bug with piles of things around you, start clearing clutter slowly. Tackle one drawer or one pile at a time. Set a timer and clean for fifteen minutes a day. You'll see progress even in just one day and it will cheer you up. Don't take on the whole project at once.

State your intent as clearing the clutter. Just as important as clearing the clutter, is your intention in clearing it. What do you desire to bring into your life as this new space is created? State your intention as you clear your clutter.

Envision your desires daily as already there. In your new clean space, envision your desire each day as if it were already there. See yourself having that job, that car or whatever else you are trying to manifest.

Express gratitude "as if" they have happened. Most important when you are trying to manifest, express gratitude for what is in your life. The Universe responds to those that are grateful and gives them even more to be thankful for.

Be open to receive. Some that ask actually have a challenge being open to recieve. Sometimes the clutter is your own self-sabotaging block to get in the way of your desire. Listen to your heart and try to understand if you have any deep fear about the outcome of what you want to manifest. Do you think that getting a new job will take time away from your family? Do you think a new car will actually be too expensive or your sister would be jealous? Listen to your heart and then open to receive.

Clearing clutter to help manifest can be a profound experience. Those who have had trouble manifesting can all of a sudden discover that many things they had hoped for begin to manifest in their lives. The simply clearing of the clutter makes the space for their new life!

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Evelyn Lim is an abundance coach, assisting her clients in working towards their vision. Her site is currently read by thousands of readers across the world. She encourages her readers and clients to interweave abundance into their lives through first working from within. On her site, Evelyn shares about law of attraction manifestation, creating abundance, self mastery and meditation/spirituality. She shares about her journey as a life coach, Vision Board Counselor and Intuitive Consultant. Do visit her site now at http://www.AbundanceTapestry.com.