In order for you to attract into your life what you feel you want most and to find real happiness, there are some limiting beliefs that you need to clear out of the way first. These are often beliefs about yourself that you picked up in childhood which served you at the time but which don't necessarily serve you now and can even get in the way of getting what you truly want.

There are a number of ways you can do this, for example using energy therapies such as EFT or meditation techniques, such as guided imagery and so on. You just need to have a little patience with the process.It doesn't always happen 'overnight' (although it can sometimes). In fact in my experience sometimes things can seem to get worse for a while before you experience your ‘breakthrough’. Notice I use the word, ‘Breakthrough’ because that is exactly what you are doing, breaking through layers of old thinking patterns and ways of being.

Sometimes the old patterns get brought right up– almost pushed into your face. I liken it to the froth that comes to the surface when you melt and purify gold – it is a clearing process to make way for the new so that you can move on to claim the pure and precious treasure contained at its heart. Maybe a bit like a farmer who has to plough up the old growth in his fields before he can plant the new, otherwise the old can get in the way and spoil the harvest.

This might take the form of simply acknowledging the pain, lack, self-doubt and so on which in and of itself can dissolve it. At other times you might need to ‘work through’ the issues that seem to be getting in the way and a good way to do this is through the processes of dynamic meditation and EFT which I talked about earlier. Here you get to state the problem and all of its related sub-issues specifically and work through them one by one.

Ultimately everything is already here for you waiting for you to claim it. With patience and the power of self-belief on your side, amazing things can happen.When Edison invented the light bulb he went through thousands of trials before getting it right and could have easily looked upon his efforts as failure and given up prematurely. But he didn’t. He remained focused and instead of seeing each non-success as a failure, he just took it as a sign that he was getting closer to his goal until he finally did, and look at how much we have all benefited!

Can you imagine what is possible when you believe in yourself and the universe is on your side?

There are many examples around of people of vision who believed in themselves and made things happen: Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Bill Gates, Mother Theresa, Isaac Newton … the list is endless. Don’t think you could be like them? What is stopping you? Many people when it comes down to it, are simply afraid of the power of their own magnificence

There is a famous saying,“If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right.”

You make your own future by the way that you think and according to what you believe about yourself and the world. So be careful what you wish for, you might just get it! If you don’t believe in yourself then you end up doubting and may sabotage your success. Choose to think negatively and you will draw negative towards you. If you believe in yourself on the other hand and have a great clear vision of abundance, happiness and success for yourself and others, is there anything to stop you, really?

The things you find stressful are in fact the very conditions under which you grow. If you choose to remain stuck in them just note that about 70 to 90 percent of all diseases and illnesses in the Western world are strongly associated with stress. Those of us who experience negative emotions more often than positive ones over the course of our lives have a greater risk of becoming ill.Conversely, those who laugh more often and are optimistic with a positive outlook tend to live longer and have fewer health problems.

If you complain when you are in pain , according to the LOA the complaining will attract more things into your life to complain about, so you might be working to prolong your pain without even recognising that’s what you’re doing.

Such beliefs are not who you are at the core. They are beliefs learned in childhood that need to be brought to the surface and cleared to make way for the true essential you to claim your magnificence and enjoy life. There are many people who aren't aware or don't believe that happiness is their birthright. They don't believe they are worthy of happiness and they have developed belief patterns which block their ability to achieve and experience it.

They just haven't had access to the proper knowledge, experience and guidance necessary to reach it.But now you know there are ways and methods to deal with this. It doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult or need hard work.

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