For years clients have asked me when and if a space clearing should be done. Their other two questions are:

1. Should it be done on a new or old home and a place of business?
2. How do you do it and/or will I do one for them?

I have done several with amazing results however you can do it to. It is beneficial to any space you buy or move into; new or old. Whether it is for business or your personal space, clearings clear negative energy in and around your personal space. I also recommend doing space clearing for outside and inside your space at the start of each new season.

As with many things we do in life it all relates back to our intentions. When doing a space clearing intention should be understood by yourself and others (who may be affected) before you proceed.

Here are some examples of where or when you may want to do space clearings.

• Any new place you move into. Do each room if possible and also the outside of the home or office.
• Any personal space that does not feel right for you. This can include your office or desk area at home or at work.
• Clearings in sick rooms in a home, hospital or at a seniors lodge etc.
• A new or used car. The procedure would have to be modified and done on the exterior.
• A place where pets sleep or eat.
• Seasonal storage areas and closets.
• A place where someone or something (animal) may have died.
• A place where there has been violence, drugs or other negative energies.
Basically a clearing can be done wherever and whenever you want.

Here is the ceremony I created and use. If you wish to modify it to your personal beliefs and ideas please do so. My only request is that any modifying you do does not be sent out to others with my name attached without my permission on the changes that you made on this original.

Please read through all the instructions at least once so you can familiarize yourself with the steps and procedures. Have everything ready before you begin.

Here is a list of the supplies you will need.

1. A glass and water for drinking.
2. Candle or more than one if it suits you to do so. White and plain ones are preferred.
3. Incense- your choice. Sage is a popular one.
4. Scented Water with orange blossom oils or a scented oil of your choice. Put this mixture in a spray bottle.
5. Fresh Flowers (optional but I always bring some or have the client supply some.)
6. Bell/gong- Something easy to hold and use. A small dinner bell will work and if it is metal it will carry a stronger and purer tone.

Doing the Clearing:

1. Drink water before and after the ceremony.
2. Remove all jewelry and other metallic objects and work barefoot if possible. Wear shoes if doing any outside space.
3. If you so choose ask for divine help from a higher power, angels, guides, spiritual helpers and even deceased loved ones.
4. Work alone or with someone whom understands and accepts what you are doing.
5. Turn off all music and work in silence.
6. Do a short meditation or ground yourself. Be centered and focused. Being grounded can be as simple as standing firmly on both feet. Place your feet shoulder width apart. Arms down at your side, close your eyes and simply state: “I am grounded or I am firmly planted on the earth.”
7. Open a door or window if possible for fresh air to enter this space.
8. Sensitize your hands. This is done by rubbing them together for a few minutes.
9. Now mentally announce yourself and state your intentions. Example: “My intention is to clear this space for (client’s name; myself etc.) and to do so with love and peace. I asked that this space be wholesome and blessed for all who enter here.”
10. Place a candle in a safe container. Light the candle and you may call upon the pure “light” energy of the candle(s) to fill the room.
11. Light incense. Offer flowers and prayers to the house/building etc. and/ or to the spirits of the earth, air, fire, and water. Call in your guides. Say what you wish and with honorable intentions.
12. Starting at the main entrance, go clockwise, walk around the inside perimeter of the space, sensing the energy by using your sensitized hands and other senses too.
13. When you are back at your starting point pick up your scented water.
14. Now move in counterclockwise direction through your space, shaking and spraying the orange water. Clap in corners to disperse static energy. When done wash your hands in running water.
15. Go back into the room and go into each corner, clap again and ring the bells. The corners of rooms are places that energy stays stagnant and it needs to be “shaken up” to be removed. The bells will purify the space this. Go into the center of the room, clap and ring the bell all around you.
16. Visualize liquid sunlight filling all parts of the room. If there is no window in the space; leave the light on in the room/space until bedtime/or as long as you can. (Do this clearing later in day to save electricity.)
17. Shield the space (see instructions below). Over the next 7 days continue to affirm the new energy that you requested and be open to any “signs & guidance” that you may receive.

Shielding a Room.
1. Shield the walls first.
With your back square in the corner of the wall (and as close as you can stand to it) take a breath and raise your arm up above your head with your hand outstretched flat and parallel to the wall.
Now release your breath and lower your arm in a wide arc fairly swiftly back down to your side with your hand still parallel to the wall. As you do this, visualize a shield of vibrant light coming out of your fingertips and extending all the way along the wall, covering the whole area. It helps if you make a swishing noise as you exhale. “ SWISSSSH”

Now walk to the other corner of the wall you have just extended a shield towards, turn 90 degrees and drop a shield along that wall. Do the same in the other two corners until you get back to the corner you started from.

2. Shield the floor.
To shield the floor, stand roughly in the center of the space, and visualize a bright carpet of light unfolding under your feet and extending right across the floor to the other side of the room.
3. Shield the ceiling.
Stand in the middle of the room and fix the visual image of the shields strongly in your mind and specify how long you want the shields to stay in place.
Raise your hand and point your finger to the ceiling. Visualize the light coming from your finger and covering the ceiling.
Note: To reinforce permanency, ask your brain to automatically reinforce the vibrancy of the shields each night before you go to sleep, without you even having to think of it.
• When finished; If possible take a shower and/or change your clothes.
• If, in the future, you want to take these shields down, just visualize them dissolving away.

The method of clearing old energy is not as important as your intentions and focus when doing the clearing. You should clear at least twice a year and I recommend at the start of each season.

Author's Bio: 

Irene Martina is a clairvoyant, medium, author and speaker. Irene lives in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.