Stumped as to what to keep and what to get rid of? Try asking yourself these questions to help you define what should be in your closet:

1. Do I love it and feel good when I wear it? We want to feel good and empowered when we leave the house in the morning for work or head out for our leisure activities. We should be comfortable and confident.

2. Does it flatter my figure or did I just buy it because it was on sale, it fit me, I was depressed, I was celebrating or it’s the latest trend? We have to know our bodies and what really looks good on us. Forcing a trend on an unsuitable figure is just not attractive.
Am I really going to get it altered or repaired? Many times we think we will get around to making the alteration and it just doesn’t happen. If we so decide to take it to a professional there is still the risk that some alterations just won’t work. Simple things like hemming or buttons will, but when we’re talking full makeovers there is a bit of a gamble of paying the money for something that still may not look right and is wearable in the end.

3. Is it a classic piece of clothing that I can wear again and again or is it actually just memorabilia with sentimental attachment? Often we hang on to our expensive classic pieces long afterward everyone has stopped wearing them. We also have the tendency to keep things related to special occasions. Our closets are prime real estate for the clothing we wear everyday. Memorabilia should be stored elsewhere or in a keepsake box.

4. When was the last time I wore it? Am I currently wearing it and when will I wear it in the future? If it has been hanging around and the only thing that has touched it is a layer of dust let it go.

5. How many other articles of clothing does it go with? One article of clothing should be purchased knowing it is flexible within your wardrobe and can go with several things.

6. Can I wear it through many seasons? Buy items you can wear for the majority of the year.

7. Does it reflect who I am now and who I would like to be? We grow both professionally and personally throughout our lives. Make sure you are not stuck in the past and that your wardrobe has grown with you.

8. How may duplicates do I have in my closet? Make an inventory of how many pairs of jeans, black pants, white t-shirts or sweatshirts you have that you no longer wear? When there are too many of one item, you will only wear your favorites anyway. Do yourself a favor and just get rid of extras to make more space for the ones you do enjoy and wear frequently.

9. Have some fun and invite friends and family over to have first pick of clothes that you don’t want anymore. They can also give you an honest answer as to whether something should stay or go.

By asking yourself these questions you will have an easier time navigating your closet, finding what you want to wear and getting to where you are going faster and more self assured.

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Colette Robicheau, President of Organize Anything, is an organizing consultant and coach who helps individuals improve their daily lives through improved practices, strategies and skills. Consultation and coaching help individuals manage their time, set priorities, and stay focused so they can achieve their goals, grow their businesses, and be more successful –all without compromising their quality of life.
Colette helps clients eliminate the clutter in the office, at home and mentally to allow for a clearer insight on how to build the life they want. Email Colette or for more information, including great organizing tips, visit