Through out the years of growing up around some of the most profound concepts about the rapidly changing world, I have felt the tug of inner peace disturbed when certain ideas are repackaged and mystically appear in the glassy eyes of the newest fad guru.

"You just tell the universe"....."Hum this word".... And the mantra continues from the weak minded with no center of common since to balance the spirit and excitement with reality. Not to get negative, yet in my world back here on earth, some strike me as one UFO short of a close encounter.

The real business champs and success merchants are not bending their legs in cramping positions with yoga, humming, or meditating on what they want to happen. Just ask Mr. Trump if he is thinking big building or doing it? Please don't tell me you’re a medium because that is garbage unless you are a steak. And I like mine medium well.

What I put in my mind will make a difference what comes out of my work, and my results are always based on action. So If you are here to find out the no BS truth about life, and how we all self determine our future based on self-talk, goal setting, and getting off our karma and doing something other that wishing, then my brand of growth and mentoring are for you.

My Mom was very wise. She used to say wish in one hand and spit in the other and see which you get first.

If you want to be wealthy, do what wealthy people do, not what gurus of mystical pie in the sky mental misfits preach! The biggest problem with the secret and law of attraction bunch is that they missed God's point. The point is your not God.

You can not create anything out of nothing. Only God can. You can take what matter is at hand and turn it into something that others might buy. The result of that action is you gain a fair exchange of value for your efforts.

In the real world of business the big boys play rough. Competition is global now and if you want to gain the most before you get the boat and sit by the palm tree, you better stop wishing by telling the cold empty universe that has no ears and start writing down your goals and HOW YOU WILL ACHIEVE THEM BY DOING!

If your book is your product then sell it by learning Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, and psychology of sales techniques and phrases that make people want to buy from you.

The real world of stone and mortar will not wait while you center your being with the harmony of the Chi. The union plumber and the Teamster trucker just wants to know where to drop the load so he can get home in time to see his kids. So if your building on my land, don't start humming on my dime.

I pray in my own faith and it is the right one. So if you come round me with the far eastern BS out of context with the real business world of stock markets and IPO's you aren't selling me your PC circus freak ideas. I got houses to remodel and land to buy. I got cookware to sell and sales persons to train. My web site and radio show needs me to help get the brain in gear with results through action.

95% of all Americans will stay broke this year; predict themselves into a recession, and die of heart attacks creating stress that could have been avoided. The other 5% are listening more than their talking and doing more than their thinking about doing.

The SBA and the Bankers are not going to hum with you so you better write a business plan and have a real product or service that will sell and beat your competition or you will go by the way as an insignificant footnote in history's back page as someone who thought about a great idea for about 80 years and past a funeral bill on to their children.

If you think this is too tough and you got your feelings hurt, go somewhere else to find help and a mentor. But if you like a challenge and want to ride in big tanks and blow up your enemies, I am the business cavalry man for you. When the EPA is asking where the chemicals are going from your business its real business people who have the right answers that will meet legal and ethical requirements that stand the test of the law and reality.

I see the masses like sheep running toward the path of destruction with the latest emotional roller coaster ride of excitement that equates to a redundancy of bull dung.
Politicians say nothing with the drawl of a preacher exciting the masses with the hype of a kid the night before Christmas. Soon some will wake up and find out there isn’t a Santa.
And I will guarantee as Justin Wilson used to say, the next president will not have any more success with congress than the last one did. Need I mention Enron and Adelphia?

So get real with your lawyer, accountant, banker, and your self and start learning the real instructions to money. Up on cloud 9 there is a party until they found out there is no floor up there.
Then reality came crashing down to earth without a parachute.

So if you want to keep it real, tune in to my weekly radio show and learn what real experts do to make millions. The rest of you I got a message from Donald for you, you’re fired.

Author's Bio: 

While in high school, Dan attended London Bible College and completed his degree in Bible Missions in 1976. Dan graduated from high school a year earlier in 1975 having completed his diploma in 3 years instead of the usual 4. In 1977 Dan graduated from the Nashville School Of Broadcast Technique which was then known as the Ohio School Of Broadcast Technique. Dan completed the Broadcast Announcing and Production course and received his FCC 3rd Class Broadcast endorsed license.

Dan worked with several local radio stations and held a few different jobs before joining the US Army in 1979. While in the Army Dan completed his basic training at Fort Dix in New Jersey and moved on to Aberdeen Proving Grounds for advanced training. There Dan received Solider of the month and graduated at the top of his class. After a tour in Germany and traveling around Europe, Dan went on to Join the Ohio National Guard and get his Bachelor degree in Psychology. Dan was commissioned a officer in 1982 and went to Fort Knox for training. While at Fort Knox Kentucky Dan attended the University of Louisville, Kentucky University, and several other special training schools. Dan got his Masters Degree in Vocational Education while in Kentucky. In 1990 Dan was ordained a minister.

After Desert Storm, Dan went into recovery for injuries he had while in the service and to spite Doctors belief to the contrary, Dan was able to walk again. During rehabilitation, Dan got his PhD in Biblical Linguistics. In 1992, Dan's injuries were causing him a great deal of pain and he was forced into the welfare system waiting for military benefits.

After struggling for almost a decade, Dan and his wife Olga started RDJ Catalog, Inc. as a direct sales business. Dan got the idea from his Dad's sales jobs on the side since Dan was a little boy. Robert Merrick past away in 2000 and Dan took his company to great heights doing motivational teaching, consulting, and selling.

Dan started the company with only $583.00 in Social Security benefits and $10.00 in food stamps. Today RDJ Catalog, Inc. has grown to a 7.5 million dollar gross worth company. As the CEO, Dan still continues to work as a media consultant with expert appearances on Lifetime Network as a successful investor and on Radio and TV. Dan has also appeared a several corporate events as a key note motivational speaker. Dan's Book 'Instructions To Money: From Welfare To Millionaire' published on Outskirts Press has been rated 5 stars by Midwest Book Reviews and on Amazon.Com Dan is also an ASCAP licensed music publisher and song writer. In 2006 Dan's Radio show was syndicated on CRN & NRN entitled 'Instructions To Money' after his book. As a HR consultant, Dan was #1 in sales as a trainer with ABE, S&F, CT Engineering, and HMI.

Dan has received the Ronald Regan Business Achievement Metal from the US Congress and served on the President's Council on Small Business. Dan's motivational speeches and provocative inspirational stories seem to bring a new light on the business and economic environment that has created a demand for his insights into unique prospective on modern corporate Americana. His sales and motivational presentations have riveted and entertained audiences with profound relevance of achievement science. Dan also is a media news technical advisor on military affairs and operations. As the President of RDJ Catalog, Inc. Dan inspires others as a consultant on business, investment, real estate, motivation, sales, and achievement. Dan is now writing his next book Entitled 'Breakfast With The President'.