Confidence is a requirement for success and happiness. There are amazing differences in performance, achievement and self-satisfaction when you compare the performance of confident and scared individuals under the same conditions. Never feel that it is impossible to gain confidence if it is not an easy place for you to be. There are simple steps you can take to achieve higher levels of self-confidence and here are some of them.

Believe that you are an exceptional leader on an exceptional team. The team may be as small as you and your cat or it may be as large as Microsoft. You need to build the team (family, friends or professionals) around exceptional people, attitudes, beliefs, facilities, products and services. When you build confidence within yourself excellence is possible for you. Others will derive confidence from the confidence you have in yourself and your plans. Do not try to lead a team if you cannot act with confidence. What can you lend to your team without confidence? Will you tell them that they might be able to succeed? Will you make decisions after they are already proven good. How can you help to make success attainable? You must take the necessary steps with confidence. What value do you bring for yourself or the group? The value will only be recognized if you lend it with confidence. It is through confidence that you will achieve excellence.

Do your research from within and without to decide what you want to be exceptional at. Make it your purpose. Focus on it. Think about it. Constantly review and evaluate it. Do what is necessary to be exceptional in new ways as you understand how to achieve excellence. Continue to inspire yourself with new ideas, new opportunities, new desires, goals, and commitments. Carry your commitment openly and freely so that your acquaintances and teammates will share that commitment with you. Be sincere with them. Communicate with them. Listen to them. Work with them. Build systems, incentives, procedures and excitement to make excellence happen. You, your friends, family and organization will become excellent when you all begin to share the desire and the energy to perform consistently at an exceptional level. Take the steps today and become energized by your confidence and commitment to become exceptional. The reward of confidence is the capacity to undertake and achieve anything that you believe is valuable and worthy of your time and energy.

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