Human beings are quantum biological processors, with the unique quality of ‘self’ emerging through this quantum biological processor and expressing in a physical world. In all communications – with ourselves and each other – there is always the need to pay attention to just how many of ‘us’ are in the conversation! There is the natural intelligence that forms part of the incredible organic being that we are; and there is the LifeForce intelligence that we are that streams through all of it…accessible, available and very willing to chat! However, if we do not pay attention to it and seek out its presence, what we are left with is the organic intelligence that knows what was, fears what is and limits what might become.

Whether we call it ‘coaching’ or ‘counseling’ or ‘therapy’, it is all about the same thing: human beings seeking to be whole, animated and engaged in the living the full expression of their unique lives. The ‘New Science’ offers us much more than its curious and sometimes enigmatic content. It lays out before us the pathway to discovering a very different truth about WHAT we are as human beings. When we become willing to entertain this possibility, there is no thing that cannot be reshaped and manifested differently – with speed, accuracy and ease.

In this world, recognizing that we are the signal…the LifeForce…that flows through the quantum biological processor of the body, allowing expression in a physical world, we also recognize that all disease, all ‘dysfunction’, all challenges of body, mind and behaviour are one thing: information. Not good/bad, right/wrong…just information. This information carries the intelligence that we require to transform our selves, our lives and each other, to make way for creation of a very different world. When we become willing to trust this (and trusting this is a critical element), we become able to create miracles…magic! how quickly, effortlessly and profoundly we become more of who we are destined to become.

In this world, disease disappears. It is not that we attack the disease by cutting things out with surgeries or covering them up/silencing them with chemicals, they simply disappear. Once the message has been received, the vehicle for the transmission disappears. When something is no longer needed, the body digests it and transforms its expression in a way that contributes to the wellbeing of the whole.

Along this continuum of energy to matter; from thought to ‘reality’, information/intelligence from the Signal/LifeForce that we are is occurring every second of every breath that we take. It is not that the information is missing – it is that we have lost our ability to recognize it for what it is. When the information flows, it comes first as pure energy…as impulses or signals in the body to engage in some way. No language can accurately describe this phenomenon – it’s something that you just know. When this is not received and engaged, it increases in density and flow and begins to affect our thoughts, resulting in ‘thought’ disorders. When this is not received and engaged, it increases again in density and flow and begins to affect behaviours…like habits and addictions. And when still not received and engaged, it increases in density and flow and finally – in a last ditch effort to get our attention – begins to alter the very matter of the tissue of our bodies. We become diseased with tumors, decaying organs, skin disorders, etc…a variety of physical cues that present in a desperate attempt to finally…finally!...get our attention.

It need not come to this. But for this, we must become willing to reconsider and redefine what we are as human beings; and reconsider how to engage the inner truths that press for us to pay attention. Any counselor/therapist/coach with any experience already knows: we can offer insights, we can invite and press and comfort and cajole and in doing so, notice differences. However, we also know that until our client takes back their own life – until they find a place inside themselves to stand and from which to redefine their lives – it is only a matter of time until the next problem presents.

The good news? Human beings are magnificent in their imperfection! It is this very truth that guides us into and through our own evolution. The trick is to let go of all that we’ve been taught to believe we are and allow ourselves to relax into what is instinctive and intuitive to our expression. It really is that easy!

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Louise LeBrun – Founder of the WEL-Systems Institute – is the creator of The CODE Model™ and CODE Model Coaching™. Her work changes lives – profoundly, rapidly and generatively. More and more who are already credentialed in their field of practice are beginning to seek what’s missing and finding The CODE Model™ to be a compelling, effective and predictably reliable framework for accelerated evolution. As a result, Louise now spends most of her time working with those who have the desire to work with others, helping them channel their desire for more and discover their innate ability to create these same outstanding results in their lives and in the lives of others.
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