When my mind is be-fogged, and I can't decide whether to eat my cereal for breakfast or wear it as a hat.When my brain seems permanently stuck in hyperstim.com, these are some survival skills I use when ADD threatens to Depress me and destroy my self-esteem!

1.I stop and remember I am not alone. ADD inhibits clear thinking and communication. Thus it can be isolating. Don't allow it to be! Call someone you trust.Log onto this site and read what others have to say who share your challenge. Log onto sites like www.healthyplace..or www.mhsanctuary.com and join a support group.

2. I can feel more like "part of a group" and not singularly afflicted. Nip self-pitty which only engenders poor self-esteem in the bud! 3.Whenever ADD brain-lock begins to swallow me up in the wet blanket of inertia, I make a "To Do List." I make each task something concrete..with a definite beginning and end..that can be completed within an hour tops.This way I not only am no longer sinking into quicksand, but I have accomplished something too.

4.Accept the symtoms of ADD. Its not your fault!! Like penut butter if just is! You are not to blame!

5.Stop hating yourself for having ADD.Someday ADD will be no more complicated to manage than an earache.Be grateful to YOU for being as heroic as you are about a medical condition that is so often mis-managed! You are a pioneer !

6.Learn something new! This is my big tool!! Learning onine is great as noone watches or grades you..you can do it as fast or as slowly as you wish..and ,believe me, an ADDer's brain is just WAITING to wrap around anything new that can GRAB its attention..! The old adreniline pours it on!

7.Laugh! And surround yourself with people who laugh too! I subscribe to a "Joke" site. And for ADD, there truly isn't much funnier reading than at www.bouncingbrains.com.! Just TRY laughing and DEPRESSING at the same time. Can't be done!! What about YOU? Please e-mail me with YOUR tips for fighting back from ADD!!


Author's Bio: 

I was finally correctly diagnosed with Adult ADD after decades of medical mis-management and chaos. I simply want to add my perspective about this frequently mis-managed problem, and, hopefully hear from others how they deal with it too. That's how I learn!