In a survey of 19,000 college students by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the willingness to work overtime and travel on weekends matched, almost exactly, the responses of 1982 students.

But today's seniors expressed indignation with online applications, video conferences and job boards -- career devices that didn't exist in 1982 -- as impersonal. And most career quizzes and career counseling books typically fall short in terms of really helping college graduates find their first job.

However, "There's never, ever been a career quiz that ranks your skills against college seniors nationwide," claims 'LAUNCH!...Get That First Paycheck In 90 Days,' "and then turns your unique strengths into a smart career path."

The career counseling book is now available at to help college seniors and recent graduates successfully begin their careers. It offers job-finding secrets that too few students know about - because no other career counseling books reveal them. LAUNCH! includes:

- A career quiz that shows how the student's job skills and attitudes compare to college seniors nationwide, and what career paths their unique traits suggest.
- How to find job openings before they're advertised.
- How to triple resume responses.
- Proven networking tactics.
- How to interview better.
- Why and Craigslist are time traps for recent graduates.
- How a weekend project can make the student a top candidate for their chosen position.
- Finally, LAUNCH! outlines a 90 day schedule for getting that first job.

If downloaded from the website in PDF format, this 339 page career counseling book costs $8.63 -- less than the price of a pizza. It's also available as a paperback book (for $16.23 - free shipping), an audio CD set (for $21.33 - free shipping), or a downloadable MP3 audio book ($11.74). An unusual money back guarantee is included -- if any college senior doesn't discover a new job search tactic, boost their resume responses, or learn something about themselves that they didn't know before; they get their money back plus one dollar.

"Unlike those fuzzy lectures and expensive textbooks or seductive student loans, this helps graduates actually find that first job," says LAUNCH! author Gary Sutton, a retired CEO who's been involved in advising, hiring, and firing countless employees during his lengthy career.

"This may be the most important book a college senior ever reads," added Dr. Linda Charles, clinical psychologist and former UCLA staffer.

Anxious students and their nervous parents can even sample the guide before buying by reading a few pages or listening to a brief audio clip at

The career assessment quiz in LAUNCH! can also be taken online at It tells college seniors if they'll do better in large or small organizations, among other things. The quiz ranks students' energy, ambition, ethics, status needs, social abilities and fifteen other vocational traits. Results are translated into the best career path.

"Wow! That job quiz nailed me. Without those insights, I'd be waiting tables again," said one Drake grad.

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LAUNCH is a career guide aimed at college seniors and recent graduates, with more practical, hands-on advice than offered in other career counseling books. It's available in paperback book, downloadable PDF, audio CD set, or downloadable MP3 audio book format at The guide includes a career assessment designed to help college students who are trying to choose a career path. The assessment may also be taken as an online career quiz at The author of both the book and creator of the quiz, Gary Sutton, is a retired CEO. He's mentored seniors at several colleges and found a disturbing level of confusion and unreal attitudes about the world of work.