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Please think about and answer all of the questions, below. This will
start you on your path to achieving everything you want for both
your business and personal life!

- How long have you had your business?

- What are some of your biggest successes?

- Answer in order, the three most important things in life to you?

- 1.________________________________________________

- 2.________________________________________________

- 3.________________________________________________

- What are some of the biggest challenges facing you in running and growing your business currently?

- What are the revenue goals for your business in the next 6 months, 1 year and 3 years?

- What about number of clients? What about the number of products and services you offer?

Please think about this for a moment. Are you working at improvement like a professional or dreaming about it and not actually doing anything to create the improvements you wish you had?

Great companies, organizations and individuals are made, not born.

The first step in marketing your business is to understand the
difference between strategy and tactics.

Strategy – means that you have determined, in advance, an
ultimate goal you would like to achieve for each tactic.

Tactics- are the things you do to achieve your goals. A tactic
is a marketing effort like:

a yellow page ad
speaking engagement
sales call
trade show
newspaper & magazine ads
a meeting with a new prospect, etc.

It is imperative that you clearly define your business strategies
and tactics.

Let’s start by building a list of our Top 100 “Power Partners”

Target the people in your community or market place that have
the most influence, (local politicians, industry leaders, community
group leaders, etc.)

You need to think about everyone you know. CEO’s of companies,
your ideal clients CEO, their competition, etc.

Ideally you want to target all your marketing and personal efforts
where the buyers are or to those who wield a lot of influence.

Your goal is to get people asking about you. Create a buzz about
yourself and your company. You need to build a list of 100 of these
individuals and public figures and they need to hear from you at least
once a month.

Mail to this list, email, contact, call, or drop by, but stay in contact!!

Building a reputation is a strategic objective, not a tactical one and
it does take time. But this will be valuable time spent.

Mail to them and introduce yourself. Offer them a free consultation
in your area of specialty.

You must commit to staying in contact with these powerful prospects
and begin to facilitate a working relationship with them.

You want to become their most trusted advisor. You want to be the
point person that they call, when they have questions, need advice or
need another contact!!

This one tactic alone has helped clients of mine double their sales in ONLY 12-18 months!!

Create your list of 100 today. You’ll be shocked at home many influential people you already know.

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Author, speaker and business coach, Shelby Collinge coaches you on how to leverage unknown assets, retrain your brain and quantum leap your results while attracting and keeping clients. Having sold high-tech software to all of Silicon Valley’s premier corporations, Shelby learned first-hand that building trusting relationships led to far greater professional success and satisfaction than traditional sales approaches. Shelby’s products, services and books, The 25 Rules to Relationship Marketing and How to Profit From Them and Walking with the Wise: Entrepreneur help her clients reach their highest potentials. Visit Shelby on the web at www.r-m-m.com