If you never imagined that a goose could teach you about your personal growth, think again. Here's a bazaar, true story that our daughter told us about her co-worker Ann's experience.

Ann was training for a marathon, running on a bike path in a major city where she lives. As she was running, a goose waddled onto the path and she ran around it. When Ann made her second loop around the path, she saw a man playing defense with the same goose she had seen before.

By playing "defense", we mean that the goose was chasing after the man and not allowing him to pass on the path. The man decided to fool the goose and ran off into the woods. Butas he did, the goose flew on the man's back and started flapping its wings.

Ann tried to distract the goose and low and behold, the goose started after her! Now, Ann told Susie's daughter that she isn't necessarily "spiritual," "religious," or into personal growth but she did listen to a voice within her that said, "Be one with the goose."

She dropped into a squat and safely waddled around the angry goose.

The point of this story is to indicate that when we listen to that small, still voice within--as Wayne Dyer called it-- miraculous things happen in our lives.

So often we find ourselves relying on our minds and fear blocks us from hearing what is inside of us.

We've discovered that one of the keys to creating the kind of life that we want is to listen to that still, small voice within.

Just as the voice from within can guide and direct us for getting help when our car has broken down or finding our way in a strange city, it can also help us to find our perfect job or our perfect mate.

The key is that we must be open to finding our true voice within by paying attention to what we are feeling, hearing it and acting on what we hear.

You might be wondering if the voice and the information that you are hearing is your true inner voice and is really worth following or not.

What we have experienced is in order to know whether to follow that still, small voice from within, you have to determine whether it's speaking from a place of fear or empowerment.

We've also found that in order to hear that true voice, it's helpful to calm your mind's chatter by concentrating on your breathing, a daily practice of meditation, or just appreciating the beauty and love around you.

Ann listened to her voice within and in her words, became "one with the goose" and was able to get around it without being harmed.

So, as you go about your day, we invite you to remember Ann and her experience with the goose and begin to be more open to your voice within.

When you do, we think that your life will begin to open to more possibilities and to the flow of good things that are available to all of us.

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