As colon cleansing is becoming more popular the controversies abound. From “plaque lining the colon” to the “body cleanses itself” the bottom line is, the truth is in there, somewhere.

The mucoid plaque that many people are so fond of talking about, and that medical doctors love to dispute, is said to line the colon. However, it is the small intestine that naturally has a mucosal lining which aids in digestion.

Our bodies can use this lining as a defense to toxins that we consume. What happens is that when toxins are present in our food, our bodies excrete extra mucus to stop the toxins from being absorbed into the bloodstream. If we did this only a few times a month, out bodies could digest and eliminate the excess.

As we eat junk food, overeat, or eat while stressed, etc., our bodies constantly excrete excess mucus to protect us from the toxins - either in the food or being manufactured internally through stress. At the same time, if you are eating more protein than the size of your palm, your body cannot digest it all. Don’t think it will digest later, it won’t. This undigested protein will add to the mucus and the process begins. The buildup of mucoid plaque is beginning to line the small intestine.

Many want to deny this by saying they have bowel movements every day. However, blood flows constantly, yet calcium plaque still manages to accumulate along the arterial walls.

When you start a colon cleanse, choose to eat foods that digest quickly, like plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables along with drinking a lot of water. Then start taking herbs to help break down the plaque. Contained in these herbs will be fiber to soften plaque and herbs to help strengthen your organs and kill or neutralize toxins.

As this process of cleansing starts, the herbs and your body will start working to soften plaque in the small intestine, and begin to move some of the old waste out. This is a slow process that cannot happen in a day or even a week.

This process of waste building up in your organs didn’t happen overnight. It didn’t happen in a year. It’s been going on for 10-20 years before we even think about it. This doesn’t mean we should cleanse for 10 years. But you should also understand that a week or two isn’t going to help much.

A colon cleanse or total body cleanse should continue for perhaps a month. And then perhaps do another cleanse a couple months later. It is hard work to break down this buildup and in order to get rid of it, you want to give it time - time for your body to strengthen, time for the herbs to work and time to soften the old waste.

Some say that the body is capable of cleansing all by itself. If this were true, people wouldn’t end up in the hospital with septic toxemia (their blood is so toxic they are poisoning themselves). Farmers wouldn’t have to protect themselves when working with pesticides. If our body could detox anything it doesn’t need, I should be able to eat cake and cookies every day and not get excess waste, which stores in fat cells and makes them – well - fat.

Yes our organs and body can detox themselves. But we must eat right and give our body the help and nutrition it needs in order to work efficiently. In today’s culture of fast food, stressful lives, degenerative disease and every kind of external pollution, we must do what we can to take care of ourselves. Learn more about cleansing, visit Your body is stronger than you probably ever imagined – take care of it and it will take care of you.

Author's Bio: 

Cindy Papp is a Ceritified Nutritional Counselor, a Certified Colon Therapist, and trained in massage therapy. She owned and operated her own health center in the San Fernando Valley of California for 10 years, specializing in total body cleansing, where she taught clients and other health professionals how to get the most from their cleansing programs.

Cindy has now put much of her expertise on cleansing on her website where you can learn more about the right way to cleanse, and how to choose the best cleanse for you.