Standing under the shaded cathedral of tall oak trees, I looked out upon a body of water alive with shimmering golden light. My soul was enchanted. In my mind's eye I could envision Native Americans living in this sacred place. I felt as though the earth, trees and water were pulling me into their magnificence. My body became filled with peace, and my feet became magnetized to the ground. I was spellbound. I walked away feeling uplifted.

Many years later I realize how privileged I was to awaken to this natural beauty every day. The captivating landscape I called home at that time grounded and nurtured me. It was difficult to remain stuck in stress, conflict, or striving. The setting pulled the negativity out of my body and soul. It taught me to live in the stillness and flow of the present moment.

The earth is a naturally healing resource. It is affordable and accessible. Yet many people avoid a conscious relationship with this antidote to stress. Walking in the woods or along a beach, watching a sunset or sunrise, feeding ducks or geese, hugging trees, and so many other simple earthly pleasures elude them. Those attuned to this resource know that nature is waiting to nurture them and bring them to their senses.

My vacations usually include places of natural beauty that inspire me to honor life and leave me feeling rejuvenated. On one of my adventures to Sedona, AZ, my sister and I walked a canyon in sunlight keeping our instincts alert for snakes. Suddenly thunder and lightning added to the majesty of the moment. With trust and awareness, we continued climbing toward the lookout point. Before we could reach our destination, a heavy rain began to fall. The umbrella of trees did not protect us for long. We reluctantly turned back and walked in the pouring rain for an hour. Joyfully we retraced our steps, sometimes laughing and talking to the spirits in nature. On the paved road to the hotel, drenched to the skin, we felt calm and blissful. A sacred communion with nature had occurred, and we were transformed because of it. Remembering the details of the experience brings a rush of energy through my body.

How you do you relate to the Earth? Do you value its beauty and magnificence? Do you have gratitude for its ability to sustain you? Do you experience it as a living organism filled with a sacred spirit? Do you allow its aliveness to flow through you? Your health and well-being are affected by your expanded awareness of and participation with nature. Mindfulness while walking in a park is a meditation that changes the chemicals in your body to promote health. Aligning your senses to the healing resources of nature quickens a slumbering soul.

You will experience balance, harmony, and aliveness as you develop an intimate relationship with Mother Nature. It connects you to a simplicity that quiets the mind, restores the soul and energizes the body.

Author's Bio: 

Sandra Miniere is a personal life coach and certified EFT practitioner. She is an experienced professional in human development and personal transformation.