Here is a Revolutionary idea: COMMAND the universe to manifest your desires and wants!

Rather than ask our Father and the universe for favors and wants it is time that we command the universe to focus its energy on a specific want and then manifest it into our minds and lives. When we do this we are not being egotistical or self-centered we are only affirming the truth of who and what we are. We are affirming our divinity and existence as the child of the creator of the universe. As such we have already inherited all the abundance of health, wealth, joy and happiness. When we command the universe for a want we are only demanding what we already have but don't know it or see it in our illusionary world of duality. We are so hypnotized by our illusionary world of scarcity and abundance, health and illness and love and hate that we cannot see all the abundance that we already have. It is our command to the universe to manifest the truth of what exists so that we may finally see it in our lives and believe it more and more every day.

We all deserve a miracle every day for we are God's child. It is our truth and reality. A miracle to a world of illusionary reality is just the manifestation of what is normal and standard in a world of true reality. It is not something special, it is what we already have.

I recently received an email from a famous author, teacher and believer in oneness, Gerald O'donnell. He said that he had approached 2-3 doctors because of a bump on his face. They all confirmed that it looked malignent. One night he mediated on this tumor and commanded the universe to focus all its energy on the tumor and heal it. Within 36 hrs he went back to his doctor and to his amazment the tumor was gone! It no longer existed!
Know now the tremendous power that exists within your mind and thought because of who you really are. No longer believe who you are not. Cast out all your ego and self-centeredness now because you no longer need its illusionary protection. Command the universe to help heal yourself and others

Dare to Command the universe to mainfest all abundance of health, wealth & joy into your life today because of who you are & then give great gratitude to the Father.

Dare to ask for miracles everyday, it is your inheritance as the child of God.

Dare to believe in joy and happiness without sadness and pain
....and then Dare to Know that only singularity exists in true reality without all the illusions of the duality of opposites or degree of oppposites.

Love the abundance of today and fear not anything different tomorrow. Let the duality of the world be seen but not believed for it is only a reflection of incorrect perception of the truth. Know total love, joy, happiness and peace is all there is...and it will change your life forever.

Author's Bio: 

RL VanWaldick is a professional businessman and author of the spiritual book, A Reversal of Thought. He has lived in upstate NY for the past 30 years. He is a spiritual writer and coach on reversing our thoughts from illusionary reality to true reality.