Most people have heard of the “Law of Attraction” and the movie “The Secret”, however the majority of us really have no clue how to put the principles behind the “Law” into action. The fact of the matter is that this notion of manifesting what you want is already being put into action by your conscious thoughts and feelings as well as your subconscious beliefs. Instead of commanding our life experiences, we are reacting our way through life. Most people are not happy in this reactive state and often consider themselves victims in a world that they absolutely have no control over. They feel stuck in a loop, like some bad movie that keeps replaying over and over. If you can relate to this and find you have been feeling like you are stuck in a rut and just can’t get out, or that you just don’t “deserve” to have what you dream of; let me assure you, YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE and YOU DO DESERVE THE VERY BEST LIFE HAS TO OFFER NOW!

Easier said than done, right? It certainly can be a challenge to change your conscious thoughts and feelings when you believe the world is crashing in on you or you are surrounded by negative friends and family walking around with dark clouds over their heads. The one thing I have learned during those times when I actually have command of my life is… I had to step out of my comfort zone. In order to “grow” into the person that can receive wealth and abundance you have to step out of your comfort zone and the more you do it, the faster you will gain command of your life.

There are lots of wonderful books and courses available on the Law of Attraction and I encourage you to find one that grabs your attention to help you understand the basic truth behind it. It is important to learn a new way of thinking, to open your heart and your mind to new ideas and to come to truly believe that anything is possible. Take a look at what some people have accomplished under difficult circumstances. Do you know someone who has beaten cancer or risen to great heights in the business world after being born into a poor family on the bad side of town? These people are heroes, but also know that there is a hero in each and every one of us. We just need to grow into that person we truly want to be.

Here are a few things that help me continue to grow into the person I want to become and am becoming:

Start everyday with gratitude, thankfulness and openness to all the blessings coming that day.

Expect those miracles and blessings, even though you have no idea how they will happen.

Trust that the Universe (God) never runs out of blessings and it (He) is just waiting for you to command them as your own.

Do more than just think positive or read affirmations. You must think and picture what it is you want now, and you must also imagine the FEELINGS of having it now and physically feel those feelings.

Make a VISION board of everything you want to command into your life. Make it fun and colorful. Be creative, even if you think you are not. Then bask in the knowledge that you did step out of your comfort zone to do it; that you made time to do it.

When you are inspired, act on it, whether it scares you to death or not. Feel the fear and do it anyway. You are either growing or dying and growing makes you step out of that comfort zone. (I’m doing that now as I learn more computer skills to do newsletters and some new webinars this year.)

If you find it difficult to embrace new ideas and move forward, figure out why that is. What is your Resistance to the change? Explore some of your beliefs and see if you can identify those that are limiting and no longer support you. It can be very enlightening. And most of all, really try to be honest with yourself. You may need a friend or a healer to help you through this.

Get some tools. Step out of your fear and buy a book, take a workshop, talk to people who have what you want. Ask them how they did it. I’ll bet they tell you they read a lot, take classes and workshops. What are you willing to do? How badly do you want to get out of your rut? You can certainly sit there and complain and moan, but that isn’t the right energy to get you out of it. Take all that energy you waste complaining and wishing, and point it in a new direction; put it toward moving so you can see the light, not just wish for it. Then pat yourself on the back for taking action, because once you do, you will never sit in a rut again.

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Deb Kitt, CNHP, Traditional Naturopath is a Holistic Natural Health Practitioner dedicated to bringing back common sense, natural health practices for healing the body, mind, soul and spirit. Deb works at teaching others how to bring balance and joy into their lives through good nutrition, detoxification programs, right thinking and Theta healing. If you seek balance in your life and would like to kick start your efforts to grow toward the person you want to become, visit