When someone asks me what I do for a living, I simply say that I am a communicator. I communicate through a variety of different means including the telephone with homeowners, through face to face conversations with students in my mentorship program, through conversations in a group setting at my seminars and even to all of you through the written word – my blogs and articles being an example of this. Yes, I am in the business of real estate as an investor and also in the business of marketing myself and my properties but more importantly, I am in the business of talking with other people and talking to myself. Yes, we actually communicate with ourselves (more on that in a minute).

How well I communicate with myself and with others has a big impact on everything from the money I make to my personal peace of mind to even the value of my time. I don’t want to get too deep on you here with this article but this is what goes through my mind on a daily basis before I make any key decisions. The way in which I communicate to myself determines whether or not I actually complete (or even start) the dreams that are in my mind. See, I can take the thoughts that I have and daydream for part of an afternoon or I can take those same thoughts, put them on paper, put a timeline for achieving them and then physically bring them to reality. To me, there is no greater thrill than that. To look back at something that you’ve done that at one time was a mere thought is a lot of fun. At one time, this particular article was a bunch of interrelated thoughts that I had during the better part of this morning. So I sat down and created some organization to those thoughts and I’m now bringing it to light and putting them on paper. This short article may also lead to a series of other articles, which in turn may lead to an ebook, which in turn could lead to an entire seminar.

You see, I currently mentor students in the area of short sales. However, once you understand the short sales process and most of the details that go along with it, the process has very little to do with knowing more and more about short sales. Instead, the process is now about replicating it over and over which will consistently lead to more checks. But to replicate the process, it has more to do with communicating with a variety of different people involved in the process and little to do with how much you know about short sales or foreclosures. When I say communicating with various people, I mean communicating effectively, not just picking up the phone and checking off a phone call like it was nothing more than just something on a list of things to get done. What I’m talking about is more like the pre-thought that comes before the call, determining what you want your outcome of the call to be, thinking what steps you must do to achieve that outcome and then finally executing it. “But Dave, I know all about how to do that…I’m pretty good on the phone already,” you might say. Well, if that’s the case, why haven’t you ever approached a phone call with me in that manner? Believe me when I tell you, I can sense when someone has thought out what they are explaining to me and when they haven’t. Honestly, I can only think of a few times when I knew the other person on the end of the line had called me with a pre-planned agenda and I respected that person for it. Real recognizes real.

I’ve come to the conclusion that most people already think they are good communicators and for that reason, they often ignore how important it really is in getting the job done. Personally, I am always working at getting better at the communication aspect of the business because I don’t consider myself an unbelievable communicator yet. I still believe that I am a work in progress. However, what does that say for someone who believes they’ve already gotten this part of it down cold when in reality they haven’t really even started? You can bring a horse to water but you can’t make them drink it. But what if the horse actually believes it’s already tasted the water when in reality it was their own sweat they were tasting, not the real thing? It may mean that I am going to have a tough job ahead of me as far as the mentoring goes, right? And that’s why my next step in breaking down the short sale process will be to teach the art of communication to the best of my ability.

So what does it take to teach the art of communication? It involves a few words like salesmanship, tone, persuasion and influence. First I need humble individuals who know that they lack greatly in these areas. It’s okay even if you can’t talk yourself out of a wet paper bag. As long as you know that going into it, it’s a starting point. Also, we need to get into your current belief systems and what it is you believe about yourself and the world around you…you may just find out that (gasp!) YOU are the reason for your own success or lack of it. You may get to the point where you actually have to look in the mirror and take accountability for your own situation. This may be one of the toughest things we have to do. It’s something that is tough for me to do…but I do it. Realize that it’s ME that is the problem. Not the marketing or the market or the general public or the news or anything. It’s how I’ve responded to and handled the situation at hand.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. This subject goes on and to be honest, I’ve already create the pieces to a new seminar and have earmarked the individuals who can make it a reality for me. The question that I have for you….yes, YOU, is whether or not this topic is of interest to YOU. In other words, does it ring true that what I’ve just touched on in this article is the missing piece to your particular business….whether real estate or something totally different. Am I making sense or am I just out of my mind? Or is it both? Maybe I’m way off base. It’s okay, I have a thick skin and I can handle the truth. But make sure you present a persuasive argument as to why this topic is not the number one reason why most people fail. Hit me with some feedback and let me know if this topic is of interest to you. Maybe one day I’ll take it out of my mind and bring it to a theatre near you. Until then, signing off, your friend The Diamond (or Diamante) in Espanol. It’s Your World, Your Way!

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Biography of David Oswald:

In addition to being a full time real estate investor, David Oswald is also a licensed mortgage solicitor, life insurance producer and title insurance producer in the state of New Jersey. As a founding member and currently a consultant to MortgageNow, Inc. (South Plainfield, NJ branch), David first began his career in the mortgage industry in the early part of 2002 during the major refinance boom that lasted until 2004. “I remember when I first started in the mortgage business that I had three trainees who were able to cold call and pull me as many as four or five complete applications each per day,” he explains. “It was exciting to be able to pump up your pipeline with an additional ten or twelve apps a day.”

It was also during that time in 2002 that he bought his first piece of property. “I loved the mortgage industry,” he says, “but I knew that there was something about real estate that attracted me for the long run.” He began traveling extensively throughout the United States over the next three years to educate himself on all aspects of real estate investing. It was during that time that he invested in everything from single family rental homes to raw land to tax lien certificates. Soon after, he started buying pre-foreclosure properties and focusing primarily on the wholesaling side of the business, working with as many as fifty to seventy properties at a time. David is currently in the process of growing his wholesaling business and branding himself and his real estate companies on a national level through a busy seminar and speaking schedule.

On a personal note, David is a member of Evangel Church and considers his faith to be the most important aspect of his life. In addition, he enjoys long distance running, playing basketball and reading a few books per month. He is in the process of writing two books, a fictional novel based on his experiences in the mortgage industry and a book on building your business using biblical principles.

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