As the world around us goes faster and faster, we loose sight of the simple pleasures in motion. Our inner child, that playful, silly one gets lost in the midst of “life”. At some point we feel we need to grow up – be adults and act mature. The inner child in all of us gets placed on a shelf somewhere and is seen, but often forgotten.

Our inner child a part of all of us, the creative self, the playful self, the indulgent self. Many times in what we call the “real world”, we feel guilty if we tend to this being – this pure energy that is us. We desire freedom from monotony because that is not who we are, we are the inner being, the light and joy that is set aside for mature behaviors and duties. Give yourself permission to play hooky, to dress up and go out, to paint, color or sing and dance – whatever your inner child desires you to explore, there are no limits except those you give yourself when you deny this light energy.

I have found so many times in connecting with others that their inner child is kicking and screaming to come out and play! This may be the time to listen – if you are feeling the urge to do something out of the ordinary, try a new thing, explore and new idea or space, do so!! This is you seeking it from your higher -self; it is okay to allow yourself this pleasure. Regimen is fine for elements of your life that require it, but not your full existence.

Simple pleasures make the best memories. Walk through the mud puddles with your child – shoes on or off!! Who cares, its only mud!! Too often we forget how simple it is to be silly!! Memories are what we have to look back on as we get older, looking back at our childhood we often see the dares, the thrills and the craziness – as we grow up, mature and live by standards set by ourselves and others, we stop doing dates, thrills and crazy things – (and by crazy I do mean within limits of safety – only fun!!) Riding roller coasters and walking in the rain –

Take some time to re-discover your own inner child. Grab some coloring books and crayons, take off your shoes and feel mud, anything that reminds you of you as a fun, free and happy child. If you didn’t have those fun, free and happy memories, now is a perfect time to create them. Each day is a new day to create, live and thrive as the whole, beautiful and magical being that you are.

Sending you peace and love during your beautiful journey ~

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Dr. Sherri M. Barclift is an ordained interfaith minister with the Alliance of Divine Love (Chapel 1547), a Doctor of Divinity, Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive, Healer and Teacher.

Rev. Sherri is internationally known for her work and has been featured on The Learning Channel, as well being published in Planet Lightworker,, Natural Awakenings & Others.

To contact Rev. Sherri, you can visit her website:, reach her via email at or by phone at 828-280-5635.