E-Book: Connecting with the Spirit of the Horse

*What are "independent energy fields" of horse and rider?
*Learn how to apply positive energy to affect the outcome
*Discover a new potential through your horse.
*Understand the 90% that is non-verbal communication.
*Uniting the Body, Mind and Spirit of horse and rider
*An introduction for horse and rider to Equine Assisted Life Coaching

It makes no difference to your horse whether you are going for an Olympic gold medal in dressage or pleasure riding - the personal challenges for the rider are the same. It takes the same level of commitment physically, emotionally and mentally in both cases to have a successful partnership with your horse. Connecting with a horse, doing either groundwork or riding becomes “a meeting of the minds” and the stronger will prevail. So to feel confident we will need to make sure we know our horse’s mind.

“How do I negotiate a happy, safe and trusting relationship with my horse and push the comfort zone?” The answer lies in understanding and seeing life through your horse’s eyes. The horse’s view of life comes not only from logic, past experiences and programming but also from interpreting the more sensitive, instinctive signals around including the ones coming from you him especially the subliminal signals you are sending. As we become more sensitive to these subtle signals around us we need to understand how these fine webs of “feelings” become a form of communication.

Over the years of research we have integrated many horses into our established herd and have seen what it takes for each to reclaim confidence, independence self esteem and courage. A horse’s psyche will be revealed in its behaviour and performance. A confident horse is a safe horse. A horse owner or prospective owner will call in a veterinarian to do a check on their horse to ascertain its physical health, but how does one ascertain the psychological "soundness" of a horse, especially if you are not aware of its full history?

The approach at Holistequine involves doing a psychological profile of each horse to ascertain the horses self esteem and “willingness to comply”. It represents a deeper look into the horses mind. We then put forward a series of exercises to establish new boundaries of trust and respect. The Whole Body Intelligence method creates a bridge of communication between the whole energy fields of horse and rider.

The technique builds on experiences while exploring potential. Some of the Topics include:

1) 4 facets of communication; and how to integrate them as a “whole”
2) Breaking the fear cycle- how to energetically rise above fear.
3) The Pyramid of trust- understanding the physical and psychological needs of the horse.
4) Working Free –by establishing independence we start to build self-esteem (in both horse & rider)
5) Who’s training who? Going back to basics
6) Respect /Consistency/ Discipline – between horse and rider. Changing behaviour that confuses our horse.

Initially all work is done from the ground.

Author's Bio: 

Veronica Garrett is a Naturopath, Vibrational healer and Metaphysician and it is through her work with horses that she now works with other species in non-verbal communication to open the channels to higher intuition. To learn more, please visit holistequine.com.