Consciousness - It’s a big word. It’s an important word. And it’s creating quite a buzz lately; from Oprah’s book club pick of A New Earth – Awakening to your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle, to the exciting unfolding of history in the making as the momentum builds in one of the most incredible elections ever.

There’s no denying it, something is being stirred in the hearts and souls of thousands of people who are showing up in record numbers at polling stations, some chanting, “Yes we can!” as hundreds of thousands more are collectively saying, “Yes, I want to know what my purpose is. I want to feel peace in my life!”, signing up for a one of a kind worldwide webinar event.

I am not by any means a political activist; in fact it’s a topic that has never particularly interested me, and on top of that I am Canadian! However, this buzz of consciousness that is sweeping the nation to my south is crossing many borders and it has captivated my attention along with millions of others around the world.

We are witnessing how inter-connected everything is as we feel the energy of a candidate who is a wonderful encapsulation of the essence of the consciousness that Tolle’s book conveys and it appears that now more than ever, is an opportune time to take a look at the level of consciousness within our parenting.

If the secret to happiness and peace within our families and in our lives was behind a closed door with a three number combination lock, no matter how hard or many times we tried, unless we had all three numbers, we wouldn’t be able to open the lock.

To live within the ease and harmony that conscious parenting offers, we need to be aware of the three essential connections that allows for this experience; physical, emotional and spiritual. If struggle and disharmony exist, chances are that one or two of these connections are missing.

Conscious parenting is just that…parenting from a conscious place.

The passion and transparency of our heart and soul connection; making conscious choices not to react in kind when faced with negativity; connecting with a deeper level of who we are.

The desired qualities of an inspirational leader of a nation are no different than these qualities needed in us as inspirational leaders of our families.

So as we observe the extraordinary momentum and interest in what is happening on the political stage right now, that some news reporters have even used the term metaphysical to describe, it can evoke a new level of awareness and a new level of consciousness that can not only inspire change and unify a country, but can also inspire a closer connectedness within our families; leading to the peace and harmony that to some may seem idealistic and perhaps utopian like, but reality to those who already live it.

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As an author, speaker and awareness/life coach, Jo-Anne Cutler has become a passionate voice for children by building the awareness of what we are teaching them by our example and following her vision to inspire and empower others to be the connected parents, teachers and role models our children need them to be. She has created an audio program called Breaking the Cycle, is in the process of writing her own book (scheduled release early 2008), in production for her internet radio show, is a certified life coach using The Inner Workout™ program and is also the author of several published articles and co-author of 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life, Vol. 2. She offers personal/telephone consultations, seminars, and a free monthly e-newsletter, opening hearts to the harmony that we all desire in our homes, our classrooms and in our lives; one connection at a time. For more information, please visit