I'm going to start this off by inviting you to recognize the fact that everything in our world is made of energy, including us.

And, once you understand that everything is energy, you can then begin to understand that there is no such thing as separation. Even though our limited 5 senses may tell us differently, everything IS connected. There is just energy, that's all there is and it comes in many different, and constantly changing, forms. The differences are how energies interact with each other.

Energy interacts with everything all the time in ways you can't ever see, but often you can sense with your feelings. We are all familiar with referring to our physical energy or emotions which is actually "energy in motion", pretty cool right?

Humans have the unique ability and gift of consciously controlling our thoughts. We have choice and free will and can direct our energy consciously. Those thoughts create a very real and specific vibration (whether we are aware of it or not) and that energy will seek out it's vibrational match. Just like when you ping a magnet, it will cause other objects that share that same frequency to vibrate.

Everything comes with it's own vibration and all energy vibrates.

The basic definition of Law of Attraction states that energy attracts to itself other energy with which it's in vibrational resonance with.

Both the nonphysical and physical aspects of our Universe are made up of energy and intelligence that vibrates. Nothing rests. The difference between the physical and the nonphysical is the rate of vibration.

This law is responsible for the difference between what we can see with our naked eyes, like our hands, for example, and that which we cannot see but is there, like a radio wave.

You see, your brain is the most powerful electromagnetic processing tool ever created, and if you use it wisely to choose positive thoughts, everything you desire will start to move your way until it materializes in its physical counterpart. The more you focus and concentrate, the faster and more potent the frequency gets.

Relax, you don't have to be a quantum physicist to relate to this but once you have a basic understanding, you will realize that you have the ability to bring this down to a usable level to create your life.

As humans with consciousness and free will, there are many more layers involved because we've formed our own belief systems based on what others have taught us as well as what we've allowed ourselves to believe through our own experiences.

This can be our power but also our curse because we all have our own limiting beliefs that are obstructing the flow of this energy within us that we are most times unaware of consciously. Belief systems are energy too and they are what's getting in the way of our energy flow and attracting the things we desire.

The belief system in itself only has the energy that you consciously put behind it and therefore it can be altered. Once you identify a belief system that is no longer working for you ie. "I will be stuck in this job forever and I'll never get out of debt." you can use an energy therapy like EFT to clear out the underlying issues and be open to new beliefs and possibilities.

You will always find new areas of resistance. Consider it a gift to find them and be grateful for the opportunity to change something that will lead you to the outcome you would like.

We are ALWAYS vibrating something, and we are attracting the perfect match of that into our lives.

Negative and positive thoughts all have attracting power. Sometimes, we think we're focusing on what we want, but we're really focusing (and vibrating) on the fact that we don't have it. When you change your feelings by shifting your focus and emotions, then your actions will change and you'll get a different result.

Positive thinking by itself has little effect. You likely have inner subconscious thoughts that have a stronger energy that overpowers pure positive thinking. That's why it has to be combined with the energy of your emotions in order to raise the vibration to a higher level.

Look at your life and notice all the things that you have around you; your spouse, your job, your bank account, your home, your health. That's what you have attracted into your life. Now try to go back and think about your predominant thoughts and beliefs and see how they match up.

If you're honest with yourself, you'll begin to see the correlation between your thoughts about your life and what you believed was possible or what you believed you deserved, or were capable of...you'll see that your current reality reflects those limitations. But now you know that it can all be altered by choosing your thoughts consciously and by eliminating your limiting beliefs.

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