We've all had days when, for whatever reason, we seem to find ourselves living unconsciously, guided by outworn beliefs and feeling stuck in lower-energy vibrations. When these times occur, you can help yourself to shift into higher alignment by remembering the power of appreciation.

Gratitude, thankfulness, appreciation, blessing – these are all states of being that open the garden gate to abundance, prosperity, synchronicity… namely, Serendipity! Begin by paying appreciative attention to what truly matters: the things of your heart, your creative life and sense of self, your family and friends, your community.

Open yourself to engagement, and most especially enchantment. Here are six fun ways to re-connect with your power of appreciation:

1. Reduce your wants and needs to their most basic level. In other words, what is the feeling or quality that you most desire to expand? Beauty, joy, freedom, time, security? Allow yourself to take one small action today to increase that appreciated quality in your life.

2. Spend time alone in play with your inner artistic child. Do something you remember taking pleasure in as a kid. For me it's things like glitter, iridescent paints, beads, or baking chocolate chip cookies. Ask yourself: "What did I have fun doing at the age of ten or so, what made the hours fly?"; Connect with those inspired ideas that whisper "Oh, this might be fun!"

3. Take a healthy break from routine. Research indicates that we are actually more productive and efficient when we give ourselves regular 'rest and relaxation' periods. Even a few moments of quiet contemplation in the midst of an activity-filled day can help to regenerate your spirit and your sense of gratitude.

4. Visualize the best possible outcome of an aspect of your life. Give it as much detail as you possibly can: color, texture, scent, temperature, touch, sound, and most especially the wonderful, ecstatic, positive feelings associated with your beautiful picture. Then let go of your attachment to "how" it's all supposed to work out, and let the Divine take care of the details. Meanwhile, you're listening for the gentle nudges of your intuition and bravely taking small steps every day on the path to your heart's desire.

5. Consciously focus on the "Fun Factor." Sometimes we get so wrapped up in doing it right, that we forget to 'be' appreciative for all the wonderful things that already exist in our lives. Your creative desires are a gift to be savored and explored, they hold a key to limitless possibilities. Invest some time seeking your joy and discovering it delightedly and unabashedly.

6. Do something pleasurable and nourishing for your physical body - do it mindfully, with the awareness that you are deliberately appreciating and nurturing your wonderful self! Eat some healthy, delicious food; go for a brisk walk; or soak your feet in a bath of epsom salts and a few drops of a favorite essential oil.

Watch how the power of gratitude works to create peace, beauty and joy in your life!

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