(from the book: THE GOLDEN JEWEL)

There are different centers of consciousness within you, the information stored within them relates directly to how you see and perceive life. Meditating upon their essence is a great aid in the expansion of your consciousness. These centers are well evolved in all human beings, and their usage can be almost limitless.

After the practice of the main meditation technique, focus on your heart and penetrate to its center until you can clearly perceive its essence and nature. Then feel that your heart is at one with all hearts. Dip into this more and more until you perceive that all your feelings, your essence, your struggles and your joy are at one with all hearts everywhere.

This technique is similar to the Heart Center technique, but this time the focus is on your mind. Maybe you want to bring your attention inside your head if you need a physical location, but do it gently. Of course we are not focusing on the physical matter of our head but on the consciousness held in our minds. Thinking as the mind looking at itself can be helpful. Perceive the essence of your mind and expand this perception until you feel that your mind is united with all minds. Continue to do this until you feel that your mind is at one with the mind and intelligence of the Universe, which includes all beings and everything in creation.

After you have perceived this unity in your heart and mind, then you can proceed to the next meditation.

By understanding (or by experiencing) that the same Heart and the same Mind is in everyone, bring to your attention a person you love. Feel how your heart and mind are the same as his, or hers. Then transfer your attention to someone you hate, or you just have had problems with, and feel again your hearts and minds as the same. See that there is no difference. The same consciousness, the same God is present in both of you.
If this is still difficult to do, then bring back the person you love and merge yourself into the nice feeling which is present in that relationship, then let go of the person you love and transfer this same love to the other one. Repeat this process many times until you feel that all hearts and minds are equally blissful and filled with love. See God in everyone.

Continue to expand your consciousness in your everyday living.

Help yourself by helping someone else. Go out during your ordinary day and, by realizing that your mind and heart are at one with everyone, actively help someone in any way you can. Since your hearts and minds are united, you are actually helping yourself and at the same time expanding your being. You can do anything you think necessary, but better do something that might relieve the heart from worries and stress while inducing relaxation. When the heart is completely relaxed we are close to perceive divine Joy. As I said, think that you are really helping yourself through that person. By doing this, a veil of separation between you and the Universe breaks and fall down.

When you walk during the day, notice everything which is permeated with light. It can be the sun itself or its reflection on any surface. It can also be any other kind of light. Look at it for a few seconds (but don't look directly at the sun), then close your eyes and visualize that light at the point between the eyebrows. If it's difficult to locate it there, then just close your eyes and feel yourself permeated with that light, get in touch with its essence. Start seeing Light as naturally present all around and in you.

Listen intently to the sounds around you, relax into them until you see them as immediate manifestations of the awareness of God. At this point unite your awareness with the sounds you can perceive. These sounds are you, everything you can perceive in your awareness is you. Don't make a story out of the sounds, there's no need to ask yourself where they are coming from or where they are going. Just be there in the immediate manifestation of the sounds and feel them as your own awareness.

After having perceived this awareness, do anything you need to do form this expanded perception of your being. Move, act, talk, walk with the bodies, actions, voices and feet of all. As you do this, offer every action back to this higher Awareness, which is God within you and in everyone.

Make these practices your daily habits. You can give yourself all the time required to make each technique establish deeply in yourself, and only at that point proceed to the next one. No matter how long it will take, it will be incredibly beneficial, and you will start living by your true divine nature in everything you do. Come back to any particular technique at any time you want to.
You are now beginning to remember who you are and everything is making sense. You are already living a higher Life, and you are now of benefit to mankind.

Joy to you!

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Author's Bio: 

Composer, writer, acting teacher, yoga and meditation teacher. Vincenzo has been practicing meditation for 13 years. He trained in London, Italy and India where he lived for 1 year as a monk in the tradition of Kriya Yoga.
His vision is one of uniting perceptions with the overall pervading Awareness, which is the non-dual union of all that is. When this union is experienced, one gains full power over one's life.
He continues to travel intensively, enriching his direct experience of the Spirit and expanding his insights and understanding.
He developed new methods of counseling that apply to anyone, no matter what spiritual background, based on the sacred teachings of Kriya Yoga, Metaphisycal knowledge and his direct experience. The experience of divine Joy and Mastery over one's life is the aim of all his activities.