My special dog, Elena, has been my companion around the house for several years now. She's a Labrador retriever, she's about eight human years old, and she's just a great companion.

Now, she can teach us something about life as it can be and should be, and is for a lot of entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and information marketers out there. It definitely is a life of contentment.

I was thinking about that as I was finishing off my breakfast recently. I actually mix four cereals together, great brands. I like to put on a little banana, pour in lowfat milk—a healthy thing, right? But I get a big bowl and I fix more than I can eat, more than I want to eat, because I've always got a companion who's there, just contentedly—and attentively!—waiting for her share.

She gets what's left over…it's been going on for years. You know, it just hit me during that breakfast that sometimes she has a lot…and sometimes she has just enough to wet her tongue. It depend on how much I prepare, how much I eat—and one time I almost forgot about her, and ate down to near the bottom. And never once has she complained.

She is always content. Grateful wouldn't be the right word, because you can't expect your dog to be grateful. But you can see the contentedness, which makes you feel grateful, always. And I was just thinking, "Wow, wouldn't that be nice!"

And I realized, well, that is the way it is for a lot of the people who have grabbed hold of The NEW Think and Grow Rich philosophy, who have and who are creating and playing out their lives according to their designs, according to the Inner Eagle within, that divinity which is the cause for things in one’s life.

And then, even when adventures come—such as a bad economy, divorce, you name it—they can be flexible. They can still be contented. Remember, the dog is teaching us contentedness. ¡Mi Elena, nos enseña!

Contentedness doesn't mean that you're rolling over. Quite to the contrary, with contentment you’re in a better place to engage in the adventures of life, to make things happen, to create your life to design. It means you are in a better place to classify anything you want in your mind so that you are resourceful and productive, and continue moving towards the things that are most important to you.

That's what contentment brings. Be content. Elena says "Hi," by the way.

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