What kind of conversations are you having with others? What kind of conversations are you having with yourself? Is it laced with positive words or negative words? Is your glass always half empty or half full? It's very important that you become conscious of this matter real soon.

Why is it so important? Because whatever words you are mouthing in conversation with others or you are using in your self talk (that's the conversations you are having with yourself) will influence your inner thoughts which in turn will influence what kind of actions you are taking in your life.

Start becoming more and more aware of what you are saying. It's unbelievable how often people say things they don't realize what they are saying. Many times the words are said because they are either disgusted or angry about something at that moment.

When things in life don't always turn out for the best it could be because of the way we talk and/or the way we think. If you are not happy with your lifestyle now then it's time to become more aware of what's causing it.

Here's just a fraction of what the author, Robert Stuberg, says about this subject: YOUR THOUGHTS CONTROL YOUR LIFE. Your life is not controlled by "random events", unless you want them to be. You are not A VICTIM OF OTHERS ACTIONS unless you think you are.

He goes on to say, "if you don't like something in your life, you have the POWER to change it." He also says, "if you desire something in your life it's in your POWER to get it" Then he emphasizes, CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS AND YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE to the way you want it.

Wow! That really works. Try it and see how effective it is. I did and was amazed how powerful it was. You will accomplish more in a shorter period of time and do it easier too.

Can you believe we all have 50,000 thoughts a day passing through our mind? And Stuberg asks, "how many are beneficial" and "how many are destructive"? That's something very important to become aware of, isn't it?

What thoughts have controlled your life? What satisfies you? Are you happy or unhappy? How is your health? How well are you doing in your life? Are you satisfied with your family life? The Power of The Mind is "awesome" How many of us use it well? How many of us make an effort to use it fully?

Everything that happens to us in life can become a very negative experience if we don't take control of the words we speak and the thoughts we have. They can even affect our health and our attitude.

To prove a point think back to times when you were highly successful in achieving certain goals in your life. I'll bet your inner talk and your inner thoughts were very positive then. During those times your life was probably very exciting. Right?

Do you think your inner talk and inner thoughts did cause this to happen? See if you can remember if this is really true. Try to remember a certain instance when this could have really happened. It could be valuable.

So why can't you stay "pumped up" all the time? Why can't you achieve whatever goals you want any time you want them? I would say it's pure and simple. It's probably like Stuberg says, YOUR THOUGHTS CONTROL YOUR LIFE. So make sure your thoughts are directed to the goals you desire.

Of course we should all realize this can be a real chore at times especially when we experience times in our life such as sicknesses, loss of a spouse or other family member, financial difficulties, a job termination, failure to get a promotion and a host of other negative events.

So the question is: where do you find the clues to propel you to find exciting events in the future? What do you need to do to turn things around to make positive things happen in your life to achieve your dreams and goals more often? Here's some ideas that can help:

- Break away from the crowd and chart your own course for

- Establish your all-important core belief system - the master operating system that guides your life

- Set goals that will help you achieve the success you desire

- Improve your life by improving yourself

- Build a lasting fortune that will speed your achievement of financial independence

- Attract success through lifelong learning and documentation of your life experiences

- Discover the unrealized secret wealth of your mind, your
talents, and your time

- Deal with problems effectively rather than avoiding them

- Become a master of your own time

- Become the leader everyone wants to follow

- Take responsibility for your health and your life

Act now and discover how to reach deep within you to release incredible powers that will lead you to true life mastery.

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Author's Bio: 

Sonny Julius is a retired sales supervisor. He encourages anyone who is not totally satisfied with their life to “take charge” and develop the ideal lifestyle they desire most. He used his own 8-step program to train his sales staff to develop successful territories and also their own personal lives as well.

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