If you suffer from gout you likely know how important it is to eliminate high purine foods from your diet. Changing your lifestyle and eating habits is key to keeping your gout at bay.

Controlling your gout with a low purine meal plan is among the best ways you can minimize your bouts of painful gout. You should speak with your doctor and a nutritionist to set up a meal plan that is best for your dietary needs.

In many situations it is necessary to control gout with a combination of medication and a new diet plan, however in many cases where gout is bothersome it is completely possible to control it with only modifications to your diet. Here is a diet you can use as an example for planing your daily meals to ensure your gout does not flare up and cause you unnecessary pain.

- A bowl of cereal (Rice Krispies, Cornflakes or similar)
- Skim milk for the cereal
- A piece toast (wholemeal) lightly buttered with olive oil type spreads
- 1 cup of coffee or tea (must be on the weak side)

- A sandwich on wholemeal bread. Choice of thinly sliced chicken, ham, turkey or peanut butter

- Fruit salad
- Glass of water

- Chicken breast
- Whole wheat pasta (or rice)
- Cauliflower or carrots
- Glass of water

- A piece of fruit
- Veggie mixture (carrots, celery etc.)
- 2 wheat biscuits
- Fresh berries or melon

Here are some of the foods that you should avoid because they are high in purines. This list is not complete, it is merely to give you an idea of the foods you should avoid if you have gout.

* heart
* sweet breads
* kidney
* liver
* shrimp
* anchovies
* whitebait
* crab
* sprats
* sardines
* herring
* fish roe
* mackerel
* tomatoes
* groundnuts
* green vegetables
* asparagus
* plums
* mushrooms
* peas
* tea
* ice cream
* oatmeal
* chocolate
* alcohol

Gout is a condition that can be successfully controlled through a decent healthy diet. Learning how to control your gout with a low purine diet plan is among the best ways to naturally take control over your gout. It is wise for you to make a list of the foods you can not or should not consume to take with you to the grocery store. This is a great way for you to ensure you are not buying foods that will aggravate your gout and cause you a painful attack.

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