We might not notice it, but it’s quite hard to look for the right words to use as conversation starters when talking to people you barely know.

It’s quite easy to start one with friends and family, but we are usually tongue-tied when it comes to strangers. You need to say the right conversation starters to catch their attention, as well as turning the communication process into an interesting one.

Aside from the words, you need to realize that how we relay it to a person will determine if our greetings will be returned or not. Your communication style should be catchy, and at the same time friendly to the other party.

Avoid Questions

Good conversation starters usually start with a greeting, and not a question. Don’t gun the other party with questions that will make them uncomfortable, especially when you are talking to a complete stranger. Always be friendly and respectful with your approach by starting off with a gesture of greeting.

Don’t Be Dull

Effective communicators are those that keep the interest of their audience alive until the very end. You should know by now that you have a limit when it comes to how much you can actually take from dull conversation. Don’t do this to the other party or you will be thoroughly ignored.

First off, try to be funny in your approach and make the other party comfortable during the conversation. If you think that the conversation is reaching the wrong end, start telling jokes that will break the ice.

Successful conversation starters are those that everyone can relate. You can talk about the weather if you wish, but you can only say so much by describing the heat, the rain, or the clouds. Try coming up with interesting topics like current events, fashion, food, or fun activities that will make your audience hanging with every word you say.

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