“I work long days and never seem to catch up. I’m constantly distracted by thousands of things running through my head that need to get done. I’m full of anxiety. Help!”

Many of the clients I coach have experienced this. Let me share a three-step process to bring order to your personal chaos.

Step One: CLARITY. Ask questions that help you become clear on what you want; go deeper into not only your business but also a personal understanding of what’s driving the surface issue. In business you have learned the ‘three-deep’ process for helping clients get to the issue beyond the issue. How about going three deep with yourself? Example: you don’t have the energy to get it all done. What’s impacting the energy? Are you getting enough sleep? How are your eating habits? What sort of physical activity are you engaging in?

Step Two: ALIGNMENT. Focus in on what you’ve gotten clarity on. What resources are available to you to support a change? Identify what your action steps will be as you design a plan of action. Continuing with the same example, you might dedicate one hour, three days a week, to working out (plan of action), and hire a personal trainer (gather resource). You might do 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength training each session (action steps).

Step Three: ACTION. In the words of Nike, just do it. Make sure you have accountability. Set benchmarks for progress.

Finding someone to partner with - be it a paid coach, a peer partner, or even your significant other - in this process will help you reach your goals faster, with adjustments being made along the way as life continues to unfold. Your “coach” will hold you accountable and help you make significant changes.

Author's Bio: 

Amy brings a variety of experiences to her coaching and consulting practice. After spending a year as a President’s Scholar at the Milwaukee School of Engineering with a focus on Architectural Engineering, Amy switched lanes and drove on to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Purdue University, with minors in Art & Design and Creative Writing.

Amy has been active in the real estate industry since 1992. Licensed from the outset, she discovered very soon that she preferred the team approach to being a solo agent. Amy ultimately became the team leader for STAR POWER® Star Cathy Russell of West Lafayette, Indiana. In Amy’s last full year with Cathy, the team closed 236 transactions for over $25 million in sales volume. In 1996, she was given the opportunity to join STAR POWER® Systems, the premier provider of education in the real estate industry. As Executive Vice President of STAR POWER® Systems, Amy was involved in all facets of the business from business planning, budgets, and goal setting to hiring and firing, corporate vision, and development of key systems.

Amy became a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) through the Academy for Coach Training in Seattle, Washington, completing her studies and earning her designation in June of 2002. She became passionate about exposing others to the benefits of coaching and helping people create the business and life they’ve only dreamed about.

In January of 2008, Amy opened Changing Lanes Consulting and now dedicates her time and focus to helping people architect the business and life they truly want.

She knows the challenge of maintaining balance in life and enjoys coaching others to find theirs. In addition to being coached herself by Master Coach Susan McKay, she credits her husband, Jeff, with helping her maintain her focus to achieve that delicate balance. Amy and Jeff live in Longmont, Colorado, with their two sons, Calvin and Jordan.