Excerpts from a free flowing dialogue with Pavan Choudary, CEO of VYGON Pharma, a French Multinational in India. Pavan has been widely interviewed in Media as a Coach and a Wisdom Guru.

A clear vision with a good value system creates the right environment for breakthrough performance. Success and authority give adulation and comfort in the corporate world and many corporate leaders start living in the tunnel vision of a narrowly defined world.

People like Narayan Moorthy from the corporate world are not respected in the outside world only for bottom line deliveries but largely due to their capability to allow all colours to flower.

For breakthrough performance, allow all colours to flower:

Many gifted CEOs and aspiring leaders fail miserably when they get into the trap of a narrow focus. They become prisoners of their own thoughts and actions. Bright opportunities to reinvent are often lost as these could simply be outside the domain of their FOCUS. A large number of competent leaders fall in this trap.

It's painful to notice talented leaders losing out around 40 or 50 years of age. Many are not able to climb back after they hit the valley.

The Knowledge edge does not last for long:
For lasting success, one has to have a different strategy for each stage of life. At entry levels, good educational qualification and a good personality gives an edge. Same qualifications may not last beyond 10 to 15 years in the Corporate World.

In many cases the corporate world ensures that even the best of the performers are constantly kept on the treadmill leaving little time for knowledge upgradation. Renewal of knowledge becomes slow and the downward journey begins. They eventually lose touch with their passion. Energy goes down due to lack of passion.

Lasting success through various stages of life:
Late forties or even fifties is the best time for professionals to rediscover their lost passion, reinvent themselves for a relaunch. Those who are able to do it reach another peak which could be much higher than the earlier one. It is just the right time to create something new with the experience and wisdom acquired over the past 15 to 20 years.

By this time one would have learnt valuable lessons beginning from the dependent stage of childhood to rebellion of the teenage to the fierce competitiveness of the corporate world. Instead of looking back at the grandeur of the past, one can become the fountainhead of ideas. This is just the right time to allow cross fertilization of learning from different domains to create new paradigms.

Late fifties of life:
In the late fifties of life, one has to realize that the energy of the younger days has begun to diminish. The choice of roles should take this factor into account. One should begin to prepare to be a mentor, a guide, entrepreneur, director, coach, teacher or a trainer.

There will be a lot to give at this age if one prepares well for the innings to be played in the late fifties and beyond. Socially too, this is a very rewarding time as several associations, organizations and institutes look forward to contribution from those who have the wisdom to share.

The focus has to be on constant upgrading of utility in all stages of life for the family as well as for the outside world. This will ensure respect and self satisfaction. Non upgradation would result in utility reduction and ultimately lack of self esteem and respect from people around.

Chariots arrive for the Stage 3 Leaders:
For most, life is a huge struggle whereas for a chosen few Chariots arrive and they participate in the race of life smelling the roses. Its not that they have not done anything. They have become a Stage 3 Leader. The following excerpts picked from Pavan's new book 'When you are sinking become a submarine' beautifully describe the three stages of leadership:

Stage1: When one becomes a leader through his competence and good fortune. On reaching here most leaders move to stage 2.

Stage2: When one acquires the capacity to love as well as has the moral authority to reprimand, he becomes a Stage 2 leader. In this stage, one inspires awe & admiration among his admirers.

Stage3: In this stage the leader becomes so established in his rhythm that he is able to bring about the desired outcomes with minimum efforts. What helps him get the desired results besides competencies is his or her kindness and sensitivity. Leaders in this stage are blessed with a deep understanding of the rhythm of the Universe. They are in sync with the universe and in sync with nature. They not only decode the notes but also enjoy the music.

Stage 3 Leader prays as he performs. The blend of perspiration and prayer produces spectacular outcomes. The one who perspires so knows that the powers of the universe are beyond his imagination. He realizes that what we call miracles is routine for the universe.

Du Mu, Chinese Military strategist said, 'Roll rocks down a ten thousand feet mountain, and they can not be stopped; this is because of the mountain, not the rocks.' In this stage the leaders learns to use the momentum of the universe. Wisdom is knowing yourself and others; enlightenment is knowing the universe. The great are both wise and elightened.

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