The beginning of the year always feels so full of promise and excitement, a time when unlimited possibilities open up and all the dreams you’ve ever had seem achievable. You can feel the energy of this new beginning pulsing through your body and you set all kinds of intentions for how you’ll change your life this year. And then something happens.... the daily routine starts again, and often the expanded plans you had drift away as you do the same old things the same old way, and get the same old results.

On the conscious level, you WANT to change your behavior and experiences, but the unconscious programming keeps pulling you back into the old comfort zone and behaviors. Until you change the old programming, the life changes you desire will only be temporary. Have you ever gone back and read some of your journaling from a few years back and been astonished at how you’re still dealing with the same issues? That’s usually because you are trying to control the issue from the outside (behavioral change) rather than the inside. So despite your best intentions, the old patterns slip back.

For 2009, you can learn to use the power of cosmic ordering to truly change your life. I like to use the playful image of a Cosmic Kitchen, where the Cosmic Chef is just waiting to take and fulfill your orders! Place your cosmic orders, stay out of the kitchen, and trust that they will manifest at the right time.

There are six simple daily habits that will truly create the life you want. Practice these every day and get ready for miracles! It’s likely none of them are new to you. The question is: do you practice them every day?

Habit #1 - The attitude of gratitude.
Make it a habit to start thinking gratitude thoughts immediately when you wake up in the morning and just before going to sleep at night. Gratitude is a foundation for emotional and spiritual growth. Be grateful for everything in your life. Yes, even the challenges.

Habit #2 - Create your cosmic orders with affirmations.
Take time to write out your cosmic orders. Be sure to use language that is positive, personal, present tense, and enthusiastic! “It feels wonderful that I am now in a terrific relationship.” Or “It’s so exciting to have a fabulous career working with people I enjoy and earning an excellent income!”

Habit #3 - Meditate.
When you regularly connect with the Source (God, Goddess, All There Is) of peace and joy, shifts will automatically begin. In that place of all possibilities, your body and mind relax and the limiting beliefs begin to dissolve.

After you’ve meditated for a while and feel you can go to that centered place fairly easily, begin thinking your affirmations toward the end of the meditation. When you are in that deeply connected state, your affirmations are much more powerful because they aren’t encountering the usual resistance from your conscious mind. Take a few minutes to think them gently and then let them go.

Habit #4 - Visualization
Try imagining that the changes you want have already happened. Use all your senses to make the visualization come alive! The non-physical consciousness named Abraham says that when you visualize clearly for 17 seconds you save 20 hours of work; for 34 seconds you save 200 hours; and for 68 seconds you save 2,000 hours of work! Now that is an incentive!

Habit #5 - Mirror Work
Popularized by best-selling author Louise Hay, mirror work can help you shift things in your life quickly. Louise recommends that you look in your eyes in the mirror every day and say to yourself, “I love you. I really love you.” Stand in front of your bathroom mirror and just look into your own eyes. Stay focused on your eyes. What feelings and thoughts do you have as you do this? Are you immediately critical of your physical appearance? Do you have positive feelings about yourself?

Say to yourself, “I love you.” If that is too difficult, say “I am willing to love you!” What other positive messages can you give yourself? You can also say your affirmations to yourself in the mirror while holding one or both hands over your heart and speaking them from your heart. FEEL them as strongly as you can. It’s OK if they don’t feel 100% true yet. Keep doing the mirror work and they will! You can use mirror work to do affirmations about anything you want. If you are willing to do mirror work every day, you will experience quantum leaps in your life!

Habit #6 - Forgiveness
We’re all doing the best we can – even when it seems like we’re not! Forgive yourself for not being perfect and forgive others, too. Accept yourself totally. As you accept yourself – who and where you are right now- you let go of an enormous burdens of “shoulds.” Amazingly, when you let go of judgment and criticism of yourself and others, you will experience miracles.

As we start 2009, let your focus be on the inner aspects of your being rather than forcing behavior change. As you send out your cosmic orders and release them with faith and trust, they will come to you at exactly the right moment. Take time to connect with the infinite intelligence and energy of the Universe and get ready for your life to flow!

Author's Bio: 

-Patricia J. Crane, Ph.D., is an author, speaker, and trainer. Her book, Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen: The Essential Guide to Powerful, Nourishing Affirmations, is available on Amazon or her websites, and You can also sign up for her free affirmations e-course.