Successful professionals just seem to sit back and respond to inquiries for their services. Why is that?

The answer may be that they are using strategic personal marketing to develop Personal Brand loyalty. They are marketing themselves just as a company markets a product. They recognize that selling professional services centers around an issue of trust. They know building a long term relationship serves them well and they know that includes staying in front of prospects in a non-intrusive way.

If potential clients have seen you speak, read articles you've written, attended a class you've given, or received your monthly newsletter, they have a relationship with you. Distant though it may be, at first, you have established a level of trust that can grow over time with repeated frequency.

When you effectively use personal marketing, people start to recognize your name, your service, and your face. You begin to engender a certain Personal Brand Loyalty and inquiries for your services seem to come from out of the blue. Prospects will be reading your articles, attending your seminars, and bumping into you at social functions. It's like achieving a scaled-down version of celebrity status in your own Circle of Influence.

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Coach Will Craig spent 20 years as a marketing and media
consultant. He
has worked with individuals from all walks of life, as well as
giants like the Walt Disney Company, Up with People, and Universal
His background includes advertising, public relations, film, and
production. He is the former
executive producer of Florida Film & Tape and also served as president
of the
Florida Motion Picture & Television Association.

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