Anxiety can be triggered by something specific like performance or intimacy, or it can be an unexplainably uncomfortable feeling that lasts all day. Positive thinking, task management techniques and a variety of medications have all become acceptable ways to manage anxiety. However, because they don’t address the actual causes of the anxiety, their results are often temporary.

Based on the ancient principles of acupuncture, EFT has proven results in addressing the causes of anxiety and providing the possibility for permanent relief. Regardless of the situation that triggers it, the feeling of anxiety is often nothing more than a disruption in your body’s energy system. Clinical studies using EFT have shown that the cause of that disruption is most often related to an unresolved emotional issue, and that by realigning your body’s energy with respect to that issue, the anxiety can disappear.

The following case study came from the EFT email archives from a brand new EFT user.“After exercising on myself for a few weeks, today I treated a trainee who is going to take her exam as a counselor in a few weeks and who felt very anxious and self-destructive. The last time she did the exam she failed, and this was very traumatic for her. We went through the Basic Recipe a number of times and when she left, the anxiety was gone and she did not feel the stress of the coming exam any more. She enjoyed herself at the idea to prepare for the exam and looked ten years younger. It's a pity I did not record the process on video.”

Proper EFT application would initially focus on the current physical symptoms themselves, and begin with a simple tapping procedure to start realigning the current disruption in the energy meridians. If this initial procedure provides significant relief, then learning the Basic EFT Recipe, and applying it as the anxiety appears can be very effective. The issues will present themselves in the form of anxiety, and basic applications of EFT can address them one at a time.

If the anxiety hasn’t vanished after the initial realignment, or if it reappears, then there is almost always a deeper emotional factor at work. Often with specific anxiety, the patients are aware of the events or memories that trigger the discomfort. Using EFT, the patient revisits the event(s) in question, the energy meridians are thus re-disturbed, and then the physical symptoms caused by that particular disturbance can be healed by correcting the meridians with EFT. Fortunately, each application of the EFT procedure can be done in less than a minute, so many emotional factors can be addressed in one session.

Carol Look, an EFT Practitioner with a doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy ( shares the following results. “This anxiety case involved a phone session with a woman who was having heart palpitations, sweaty palms, shortness of breath and overall anxiety because she was about to make a call to prospective employers. She was embarrassed to say how anxious she felt, but said she couldn't even pick up the phone to make one of these calls. Her voice was racey and she was spiraling in her negative thoughts as we talked. ..
In a very short period of time, she felt completely better, actually anxiety free and found it hard to believe that it was the tapping… Anyway, she felt calm enough and confident enough to make the calls.”

Although applying EFT to your own anxiety can certainly be successful, cases that involve more complicated emotional issues will likely need the attention of an experienced EFT Practitioner. The impartial perspective of an EFT Practitioner can also be a valuable asset to the success of EFT.

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