The holiday season is a rich time of year. We celebrate with those we love, and we delight in the closeness of friends and family. Does your seasonal business, holiday business or this present business cycle give you the same warm feeling, or has it become a chore? If this business cycle or the holiday season has become a strain and a chore, then it’s time to revitalize your way. Here are some very simple ways to put the joy back into your business cycles.

These very simple ways can also bring more joy, fulfillment and prosperity into all of your business cycles.

The images we hold within our hearts and minds guide our dreams. The intentions we have for ourselves and our world drive our vision. The actions we take move us toward fulfillment. To move in synchronicity with your dreams for flow during this holiday season, we can combine imagination, intention and action into a conscious collaboration of purpose. When we engage in these three qualities, we send out small waves into the collective consciousness of humanity. This energy comes back to us through new opportunities, connections and circumstances. If we choose to experience a holiday season that carries with it beauty, grace, abundance and uplifted joy, and we consciously combine imagination, intention and action, then we can truly look forward to the season’s blessings. This is a great gift for ourselves and our world. Let’s explore this conscious collaboration and expand the energy of beauty, grace, health and concord in your own life, in your business and in our world.

Imagine a wonderful autumn day. The air is a sweet and crisp – think apple, colored leaves and clear blue skies. You are comfortable, happy in your day and your work. You can feel the smile on your face. Picture yourself experiencing the autumn weather, engaging in activities that bring you joy.

Now, add images of clients and customers. They, too, are having a great time shopping in your store, making appointments for special services, buying gifts and gift certificates for friends and sharing their time with you. They respond to your joy and fulfillment with more of the same. You and they feel the flow of all good things, and share this together.

This is one Uplifted Image that you can hold to generate the pictures of joy-filled abundance for the holiday.

Notice the light, fulfilling and creative feelings associated with the images of the previous example. The image and your feelings arise from an underlying intention that is a vivid, joyful flow of prosperity, ease, health and well-being for you and everyone you encounter. The intention rides upon and travels through the Uplifted Images. Vibrationally, through intention and clear thinking, we ask for a prosperous year for everyone. We can see it fulfilled, through the Uplifted Image. We want happy people shopping with delight, purchasing gifts and services that attend to their spirituality and harmony. We see them in our vision. We can see and feel the love that they share. We can see the spirit within the people around us and feel it within ourselves.

This is a wonderful image to hold for the entire season and for every season. Running through this image is the vibrational projection of it happening – which is the intention to send those energies forward. Through this vibrational projection, we send joy and well-being outward to fill everyone’s lives. That is the intention we hold. It tunes us to move with those energies.

Actions are the key to powerful transformation. Uplifted Actions are the things you do and say when you feel all is in harmony. They are inspired actions that you take in response to the Uplifted Images and Intentions you create. When take a simple action that reinforces your vision and intention, you move it all toward fulfillment. You imagine, feel, intend and know that your life is filled with harmony, grace, love and prosperity. You see and intend this for yourself and for others. Then you take action.

Take a breath, tune into your Uplifted Images and Intentions. As you do, imagine and create the simple actions that support and reinforce them.

Playfully write down at least three easy actions that you can take to support your vision. These are actions that will uplift and nurture your personal expression in your business.

Once you write them down, decide how you will fulfill them. Action is doing.

You can also take Uplifted Actions for those you love. Uplifted Actions generate openness, possibility and light. Uplifted Actions can be simple and intimate acts, for you alone, or shared with close friends, staff and family. These actions can also be more community and globally focused. Uplifted Actions are a natural response to joy, appreciation and abundance. Your possibilities are endless.

During these winter holidays of harvest, light and renewal and throughout the year, we can add more joy, more love, more harmony and more connection to our lives and in our world. In our participation with Uplifted Images, Intentions and Actions, we can quietly and graciously share beauty and abundance in business, with our loved ones and our world.

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