One great way to activate the Law of Attraction in our lives is through visualization and meditation. This practice centers on your thoughts and the thought vibrations you send out into the universe. Positive vibrations attract positive results and negative vibrations attract negative results. Whatever vibration you send out into the universe, you can be sure it will manifest in your reality.

When you’re doing your daily meditation and visualization process, it’s important to relax and not take it too seriously. If you want to manifest results in the outer world, meditating and creating inner visions is only half the equation. To complete the equation, you must infuse your visions with powerful emotions that support your belief in those visions. If you can’t do that, then meditating and visualizing alone may not be enough. When you hold emotions of joy, love, excitement and gratitude, you create powerful vibrations that act as magnets to attract what you desire. More information visit

So, how do we generate emotions like joy, love, excitement and gratitude, and how
do we create powerful visions?

To begin with: we must enjoy and have fun with this daily process!

When we take a less serious, more lighthearted view of the mental pictures we want to manifest in reality, correspondingly lighthearted emotions will kick in. If you desire a particular home, don’t just visualize the home. Instead, visualize yourself waking up in your new bedroom, or picture the kids running and playing joyfully through the house. If it’s a relationship you want, don't just visualize the partner of your dreams. instead, visualize yourself enjoying all the moments you associate with a passionate, joyful relationship: picture laughing with that person at a ball game, holding hands during an intimate dinner for two, or lingering over that first kiss.

The following are three steps I use when preparing and performing my meditation and visualization techniques. You’ll notice that I truly have fun with it. For this example, I’ve chosen a meditation and visualization that focuses on creating money. But you can replace the idea of money with anything else you desire in your life: a new car, a trip around the world, a new home, a job promotion or an increase in your
business clientele.

1. Make sure you are in a place where you won’t be disturbed for at least a few minutes.

2. Begin deep breathing and mind quieting exercises, so you feel calm and focused.

3. Visualize yourself standing in a favorite place, a familiar place where you like spending time. It might be a beautiful place on the beach or in the woods, or it might simply be your favorite chair at home. Visualize that the day is warm, with clear blue skies. Then, as you look up into the beautiful blue sky, an avalanche of one dollar, five dollar, ten dollar, fifty dollar, hundred dollar and even thousand dollar bills rush down over you and fill the sky. The money begins to rush faster and faster, until it is piling up around your feet, higher and higher. Money is flying everywhere. As you visualize this abundance of money falling and swirling all around you, you scream out in joy as you begin to gather up all the money and stuff it into your pockets. You feel joyful that you were the one who created this abundance of money, and you feel grateful that the power of your thoughts and underlying feelings manifested this avalanche of cash. Once again, you look up into the sky, laughing with joy, and shout out to the universe, "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I am a money magnet and have attracted this great gift into my reality!”

All of a sudden, a thought comes to you: “What will I do with all this money? I now have an abundance of money greater than my needs.” At that moment, you start to think about your family, your friends, the charitable organizations you’ve always wanted to support, or the little girl down the street who doesn’t have a bicycle because her parents are struggling financially—perhaps just as you were once struggling. Your visualizations switch to the joy and happiness of the family, friends, organizations and community members you
help. Suddenly, a deep gratitude pervades every level of your being. You begin to smile, knowing the difference you’ll make in so many lives.

Feeling more blessed than you ever have in your life, you know in your heart
that the future only holds the best for you. You finally understand that true wealth comes from within. Through your thoughts and feelings you have manifested the confidence, self-esteem and fearlessness that will turn these visions into reality. Remember, anytime you want, you can manifest anything you desire—no matter how big or small.

While reading that exercise, did you feel the emotions, the joy? Did you feel your
spirit start to align with what you were reading? When you do this on a daily basis
you MUST have FUN with it! It’s a simple process, and, as I promised above, you
can use it with virtually anything you want to attract into your life.

Remember, the Law of Attraction states: like attracts like. Your thoughts and feelings will create and manifest your reality. Yet thoughts alone will not necessarily create enough power to manifest your desires. You must have the underlying joyful emotions, and then you must take the necessary action, to manifest your visions into reality.


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